Perfect Marriage Revenge TV Series Review

Perfect Marriage Revenge TV Series Review


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Perfect Marriage Revenge – TV Series Review

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The first episode of this Korean drama based on a webtoon written by Lee Beom Bae
will suck you into intrigue around the Han family. Han Yi-joo (played by Jung Yoo-min) is an adopted daughter of a wealthy Han family. She tries her best to be part of this family but her stepmother, Lee Jung-hye (played by Lee Jung-hye), just uses Yi-joo for her benefit. Han Yi-joo is a painter who can imitate any painting. She did some replicas of paintings by famous painters and brought these paintings to an orphanage, so children at that orphanage could enjoy them.

One day, Han Yoo-ra (played by Jin Ji-hee), Yi Joo’s step-sister, does charity work by auctioning some paintings at her mum’s art gallery. However one of the buyers found out that the painting that had been auctioned was fake. To save her and her art gallery, Yi Joo’s stepmum asks her to confess that she is the one who imitates this painting. She promises Yi Joo that their family lawyer will save Yi Joo and will give her less sentence. Yi Joo attempts to avoid policemen who come to an art gallery to take her to the police station, she bumps into Han Yoo-ra and Yoo Se-hyuk (played by Oh Seung-yoon), Yi-joo’s husband. Yi-joo overheard that her husband confess his feelings to Yoo-ra and told Yi-joo step sister that he had fallen in love with Yoo-ra and his marriage was just his plan to be close to Yoo-ra. Yoo Se-hyuk realises that he can’t marry Yoo-ra, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, because he is just the son of a poor chauffeur. But he can marry Yi-joo because she is just an adopted daughter from the Han family.

Feeling betrayed by her husband and cornered by her stepmum, Yi-joo ran away but her car then got hit. On her dying bed in the hospital, he made a promise that if she was given one more chance to live, she would get revenge on everyone who betrayed her.

In the next scene, Yi-joo wakes up in her own bedroom in her house. It’s one year earlier. She starts making her plan. First, she breaks off her engagement to her future husband who actually falls in love with her step-sister and steals Seo Do-guk (played by Sung Hoon, also the lead actor for My Secret Romance ), the man that her sister fall in love with.

Seo Do-guk agrees to be in a marriage contract with Yi-joo for one year because he also will benefit from this contract marriage, by fulfilling his grandma’s wishes to have his own family, be independent and work in his own company rather than join the family business.

Things get complicated. Do-guk family is against this marriage as well as Yoo-ra and her mother. Later on, Yi-joo finds out that she is the real daughter of the Han family and her stepmother just twisted the plot and tried to get rid of Yi-joo from the very beginning of her life.

Perfect Marriage Revenge is not a typical Korean drama, with only a love triangle, cheating and betrayal. Each episode will show you how Yi-joo and Do-guk outsmarting people around them that keep trying to pull them down. Even when they do lose, they figure out a good countermove that's smart. The pacing of the story is really good and there are no bring scenes. When you think you can predict what in the next episode, you will be surprised as everything will be unpredictable. Perfect Marriage Revenge can be watched through streaming platforms.


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