Pera Kahve Cafe

Pera Kahve Cafe


Posted 2013-03-22 by William Reimerfollow
How difficult is it to find a decent cafe these days? Too damn difficult. Nine times out of ten you're dissatisfied, almost shocked at languid workers that are more concerned with their upcoming weekend than ensuring your skinny latte actually is, in fact, skinny. They openly chuckle at you when you order a 'mugaccino' (Yes okay, if you order a mugaccino you are a moron but you'd rather not be openly laughed at). Day by day, week to week, these places, by some sheer act of grace, remain open. You know the kind, it's almost bazaar.

Enter Pera Kahve. Named after the Turkish word for coffeehouse; kahvehane, Pera Kahve is a boutique cafe located just off Jetty Road, Glenelg on Gordon St.

Stepping inside you'll want to drop your things and stop, close your eyes and savour the smells of it all. Please try to refrain from actually doing this however; it'll only make it awkward for staff and they'll probably direct you towards Gloria Jeans instead.

Istanbul-born Ozan blends authentic tradition with modern comforts. Mindless drones? Stale banana bread? You won't find that here. You'll hear young, vibrant barista girls giggle and flirt with the regulars, you'll be enveloped by smells of sahlep brewing (A traditional soul-warming Turkish winter drink prepared by boiling ground mountain orchid root with various spices and milk) but most importantly… fresh coffee-roasting in-house. The most refreshing aspect of this cafe is a simple one; they take pride in what they provide. And that's great.

Devour a fresh vegetarian piadina in the company of friends, sip the sweet, strong turkish coffee, just remember to have a go at reading your own coffee grounds! The folks at Pera Kahve have even provided a guide to help you decipher the gooey dregs. (A key means there are doors opening for you, a pear means financial security, a snake means you should subscribe to my articles, etc).

For a leisurely lunch that is wallet-friendly, make the time to enjoy any of the housemade focaccias, paninis and muffins all from $4.50 to $9.50. Barista Millie recommends the tangy lemon polenta cake with her signature mocha frappe.

Open 8am til 4:30pm everyday except Sunday, drop by Pera Kahve for excellent service and exceptional coffee.

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