Pelican Time

Pelican Time


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For many years, the pelican feeding at The Entrance has been a highlight for generations of people who live on the Central Coast and who have come to visit. Recently, in line with the Central Coast becoming one of Australia’s first certified ECO Destinations , a new eco-friendly tourism experience has been created to give locals and visitors unique insights into the pelican, one of the region’s special birds.

Pelican Time with Marine Wildlife Rescue Central Coast takes place every Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays (apart from Christmas Day), and every day during school holidays at 3.30pm at Pelican Plaza, The Entrance. During this family-friendly experience which is free, the educational talk will cover interesting facts about pelicans, such as the care and rescue of pelicans in the wild, and how everyone can help protect the pelicans and their environment with waste-wise advice when out fishing and visiting The Entrance and Tuggerah Lakes, which are home to many wild pelicans – and as a result, they have become a well-known icon in the leading eco-tourism region in NSW. And this attraction pays homage to the magnificent local birds safely and respectfully.

This is because pelicans have had an integral role in making The Entrance a much-loved holiday destination for generations, which has led to Marine Rescue Central Coast working with Central Coast Council and Destination Central Coast to launch the new educational talk to give visitors the opportunity to see wild pelicans in their natural environment and learn about the birds from the trained volunteers who have been rescuing and caring for the pelicans for over thirty years.

This is a family-friendly experience that allows everyone to see the huge birds up close so they can really appreciate their size and beauty, and you will get to hear the volunteers from Marine Wildlife Rescue share their knowledge about all things pelican and all the other fascinating wildlife in the region.

Keep in mind that there are some rules to follow when you come along to Pelican Time, and the following is taken straight from the website linked at the top of this article:

"1. While Pelican Time is on you must remain seated; this is to maintain safety and allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy the Pelican Time talk. If you are lucky enough to be in the front row, please remain seated until the very end.
2. If you wish to stand, you need to move to the back of the crowd to allow everyone to enjoy seeing the pelicans.
3. Please do not raise your hands or make any sudden movements, while the Pelican Time talk is underway.
4. After the Pelican Time talk concludes we request that you DO NOT approach, or try to feed, any of the pelicans who may still be in the area.
5. If you wish to take a photo, please do so at a distance and do not attempt a selfie or to get in a photo close to a pelican.
6. The volunteers of Marine Wildlife Rescue Central Coast are passionate about all things pelicans, please ask them any questions you may have and always treat them with kindness and respect."

If you follow these rules, you’ll have a great experience and get to enjoy the beauty of the region.


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