PAX Australia Gaming Event

PAX Australia Gaming Event


Posted 2015-10-29 by Sinniefollow

Fri 30 Oct 2015 - Sun 01 Nov 2015

PAX Australia is the lovechild of PAX in Boston and Seattle and since its inaugural event in 2013, it has become an annual show.

It is a show dedicated to the world of gaming; everything from tabletop games to console freeplay and from handheld beanbag lounges to a massive PC area. Tournaments will be happening all weekend but you can freeplay whenever you want.

There is a Console Freeplay area where there are plenty of classic and new generation consoles with all games you might have missed during the year. If connecting with others in comfort is more your style, there is a Handheld Lounge where those with 3DS', PSPs and Vitas can all play while lying back on sweet beanbags.

If electronics aren't your thing, there is the PAX Tabletop area where everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Bananagrams can be checked out – like at a library – and you can play your game all weekend if you so please.

If watching gamers or gaming for three days straight is not your thing, don't despair. There are huge panel discussions from developers, gamers and others. This year some notable mentions go to the hosts of the Good Game ABC show and a storytime with Warren Spector (known for his work on Deus Ex). The panels also explore topics like "Aiming for Equality: Why Games Should Be For and By Everyone" and, with Jane Cocks (Researcher of Psychology, Games and Stories), Jennifer Hazel (Psychiatry Registrar, Founder of Prescription Pixel) and many others, "More Than a Game: Playing for Mental Health & Wellbeing". The panels will give you a chance to listen to knowledgeable and entertaining panelists who present fresh perspectives to engage you in great conversations with fellow attendees.

The three-day event is jam-packed with amazing events and an exhibition pavilion where publishers and developers present unreleased games and where there is always something new and great to see.

Along with the endless panels, events and tournaments, some of your favourites will also be doing signings across the three days. Look out for Gabe and Tycho, YouTubers IAmFallFromGrace, StrauberryJam, HeyImBee and Kaleidow and the hosts of Good Game as some of the signings you can catch at PAX Australia.

Don't miss out on the musical performances from Axis of Awesome, MC Frontalot and the Doubleclicks.

Tickets are still available so make sure you get in quick! Sunday passes are still available online here . Be quick though as all tickets are at a low level and you don't want to miss out.

Don't forget to check out PAX Australia on Facebook or on their website

Please note: Times, prices and ticket availability are all subject to change. Check their Facebook for any changes. Also, thank you to PAX Australia for the use of the images.

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