Pat Hall and Bronwyn Searle Exhibition

Pat Hall and Bronwyn Searle Exhibition


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Sat 07 Apr 2018 - Wed 25 Apr 2018

Lethbridge Gallery is an intimate and modern gallery in the inner city, displaying works from local artists as well as making them available for sale. Artists featured in the Lethbridge frequently have a different take on the world around them, and making your way through the exhibitions here is certainly interesting and thought-provoking.

Works by two such artists are currently being exhibited at the Lethbridge; Pat Hall and Brownyn Searle's paintings will take you on two very different explorations of colour, light and the natural environment.


Pat Hall is inspired by the textures, colours and dazzling sunlight of Australian gardens and bushland. She predominately works in watercolour on large, stretched sheets of paper which are then sealed in a clear protective coating."Sunlight and shadows dance with colour. Light gives us form and defines how we cast shadows on others. Watercolour is the perfect medium to capture the dazzling and overexposed Australian light. The pigments are translucent, allowing the subject to shine through. The unpredictable nature of the medium allows for an element of chance, giving a sense of spontaneity and life. Eucalyptus leaves, with all of their imperfections, perfectly illustrate individual beauty and uniqueness".

As Pat's paintings aren't housed beneath glass, you can see the textures of the plants much more clearly, and almost feel them brushing against your cheek as they wave lazily in the breeze.

Pat's work can also be seen on her Instagram and Facebook pages.


Bronwyn Searle is well known for her appreciation of everyday objects that most people walk past without a second glance. She has an ability to capture them in a way that elevates them far beyond the mundane."The cycle of life in any form is constantly challenged. However, the spirit of life is strong. The offspring of all living things represent new beginnings and hope. After a life is well lived, and when the time is ready, it then gracefully gives way to the new. These works in oil on canvas reflect different stages and forms of life through subjects that are so familiar to us all."

Born in Brisbane and trained at the Brisbane College of Art, Bronwyn has worked professionally in the art field starting as a graphic artist and moving on to exhibition design and illustration. Her depth of experience in illustrative techniques influences her paintings in oil on canvas. After starting workshops in these techniques, she realised that a new passion for teaching had emerged within her.

She continues to teach and share her passion with individuals and small groups, promoting her workshops on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

The gallery is relatively close to Suncorp Stadium, so it's a reasonably short walk from Roma Street Station. Alternatively, bus 385 stops only a few hundred metres away. Plan your journey here .

Keep up to date with events and exhibitions at the Lethbridge Gallery on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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