Pasticceria Cioccolateria Peratoner

Pasticceria Cioccolateria Peratoner


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Peratoner is an institution in Pordenone, as it is the best and finest historic chocolate cafe in town, established by Giuseppe Faggiotto in 1974. The characteristic red colour symbolises high-quality production, superior customer service, extreme deliciousness and peculiar interiors of late 19th century. Its impressive entrance resembles a red-carpet set.

The large windows show the chocolate products on small classical capitals, while the long pure draperies are the mantle to a big three-tiered rouge cake on a golden armchair-throne and a medium white cake on the other side. Twelve lily-like small spotlights enlighten all the chocolate representations of real objects, including a Louis Vuitton bag. Elegant barriers at the flanks enhance and attest the flair of the entry too. A portion of the door's perimeter is covered by a chic festoon of flowers, the same with we will find indoors.

Therefore, the location could be considered as a reflection of Viennese chocolateries because of its style and furniture that is still, partly, the original one from the late eight hundred. Also, the burgundy hues of the sofas, the upholstered chairs, the marbled coffee tables and the bright scarlet and carmine shades of the wallpaper's backgrounds give Peratoner a touch of utter elegance and charm. The use of big golden chandeliers on every corner between each station is also remarkable and it just adds sophistication to the interior. The decorations on the wall represent at the top side white urns on a bed of laurel separated from the lower inlaid circumferences by pairs of lily-shaped bright small lamps. Stars perfectly drawn are instead suspended in the rest of the composition.

The furniture here plays a fundamental role because it helps the renowned quality of the pastries and desserts to flourish more and more in times. The detail of the lounge is the architectural pillars, so well worked and refined with white tiles that make the internal space like a Greek temple.

If we look at the shelves under the wide windows, we can admire a nice arrangement of decorations and object characterising the history of the house. A sweet feminine sculpture joins lovely pink and red round cake boxes, having at the centre of the marble support a silver chandelier with four brackets hosting candid candles. Another detail must be noticed in this picture: the metal grill covering the radiator is created with gilded curlicues paired with the rest of the overview.

The corner ends with another statue in front of a golden composition of a cross and a framed certificate alongside a landscape painting hung on the wall. Looking upward here and there you might notice the beautifully lined banners composed of pink and crimson peonies. What about the frame around? The magnificence of the whole environment is given by the perfect match of wallpapers and curtains - colours and fabrics too. So, white and warm yellow stripes flawlessly fit with the red flounces neatly cascading from above.

A lateral second room, smaller than the main one, presents a different style. First, there are two thick chandeliers, proper of the 1800 ages and a liberty panel made up of multiple green and lilac circles decorated inside with floral elements. Then, a framed series of old pictures describe the former view and layout of the city.

Peratoner is not only chocolate: you can have your cocktails and enjoy a nice happy hour or, try to taste all the teas and infusions they have displayed on the glossy red jars, which create an adorable work of art itself.

Peratoner has other shops in town, but the cutest one is the Antica Confetteri, two steps far from the main store. Here, all the chocolate creations are sold, a fact that gives the place a more specific task. The distinctive aspect of Antica Cioccolateria is the red bicycle with the baskets full of bouquets and presents from the chocolaterie. What a better invitation to ride into the stylish world of Peratoner!

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