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Posted 2023-07-30 by Sarah Corkfollow
Make pasta and memories

Pasta is delicious, and if you like dried pasta or even packaged fresh pasta, then you are definitely going to love handmade pasta that you made with your children. It's a bonding experience and there is something very precious about making memories that will last a lifetime with your kids. They are going to remember the feeling they get when they make good food with you forever. And they will love being able to make pasta themselves for years and years to come. It might even become their favourite dish. Kids will get a better understanding of food, and how to prepare something nutritious. If you think that your children will enjoy a Pasta Making Workshop , then this is the best workshop for you.

Pasta is not necessarily hard to make, but it does take skill and time. The main thing that you will need to learn is the pasta machine. It is a press, that takes the dough that you have made and simply turns it into a thin dough, ready to be cut and cooked. Working with your child, you will be able to feed the dough through the machine, turn the handles and make fresh white and green pasta. And by the end of the class, you will have made some real Italian pasta and be able to share it with your child.

The pasta will be prepared by you and the sauce will be prepared by the chef. You will follow along the recipe to learn about what goes into your food. You can ask the teacher for some help if needed. You make the dough, prepare it and cook it. Then you will be able to then add in the sauce- you can choose between a carbonara style or a bolognese style sauce to mix through. Then you will be able to eat it with a side of bruschetta at the end of the class. This is something that will delight your child. Make sure to bring your own drinks, it's BYO and you will want a good drink after the class.

If you find that you enjoy the handmade pasta and the sauce, then you will be able to remake the pasta at home whenever you like. It is possible to either buy a pasta machine or roll out the pasta with a rolling pin. But that isn't as easy, it is very hard to get it thin enough. Pasta has to be thin to be tasty, if it is too thick, it stays stodgy and chewy. That isn't a good pasta at all.

If you want to have a great time with your kid, and make memories then you will love this workshop. It's a two-hour class, and the ticket will cover you and one child. This is suitable for an adult, and a child between 4 and 14, for the best results. Tickets do cost $160 for the pair. If you do book in, then you will want to head to the Cooking Professional Culinary School in Mount Hawthorn. The classes do vary. If you want, you can join a waitlist for the next class, they run very regularly. These classes are very popular, since pasta is an incredible dish to make!

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