Passage Peak Hike - Hamilton Island

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Posted 2023-01-31 by Veronicafollow
Although most flock to Hamilton Island for its pristine beaches and laid back resort vibe, the most famous of the Whitsunday Islands is also home to some spectacular walks, trails and hikes , which are well worth ditching the buggy for.

Hikes of various length and scenery are available around the Island, which means that there's a trail for everyone. All hikes are graded as moderate, except for Passage Peak, the walk to the highest point on Hamilton Island. Although this trail can be challenging, it's well worth it for the spectacular views across the Whitsundays and, if you're up early enough, the sunrise.

We visited Hamilton Island in late November, and set our alarms for 4am to enable us to reach the summit before sunrise just after 5am. Staying on the Catseye Beach side of the Island meant it was only a 5 minute walk in the darkness of early morning to the Scenic Trail Entrance, which is where the walk starts.

Hot tip: Check the anticipated sunrise time the night before your hike so that you don't miss it.

The walk is 2.7km one way, and the Hamilton Island website suggests it takes about an hour each way (as quite fit people, we did it in about 40 minutes). The first half of the walk is relatively easy, graded upwards along a graveled path. It was meditatively peaceful to walk in the darkness where all you could hear was the sound of animals either waking up for the day, or heading to bed, and the crunching of gravel underfoot. The light comes rather quickly, which is a blessing, as the walk becomes more challenging as you near the peak. There's a whole heap of steps to negotiate, and it's here that you'll get the heart rate pumping. While the humidity means you work up a pretty good sweat, take it slowly and you'll be well rewarded at the top.

Hot tip: Take a headtorch or a phone with a torch app. It's dark early morning and you don't want to trip over rocks or tree branches.

The view from the top is pretty amazing. You can look over the Whitsundays or back towards Hamilton Island. There's a viewing point at the top with limited seats, and lots of room for Instagram worthy photos. We watched the spectacular show of the sun rising up from the East. It was well worth our 4am alarm.

Hot tip: if you are hiring a public buggy from Hamilton Island, be aware that they are only permitted to be driven around the island from 5:30am, and won't power up until then. Plan ahead so that you factor in walking time to Scenic Trail Entrance.

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