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10 Fun Games For Teens

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by Serena (subscribe)
Just a girl spreading the word about all the fun (and probably nerdy) things to do!
Published April 20th 2013
Games for parties, holidays, school days and more
Fun games for teenagers to play when in a group together. Games are not only for little kids! These games however take a little longer to grasp but are certainly worth it once you get the hang of them all.

Game 1: Mafia (for older players)
You'll need a pack of cards or pieces of paper in order to determine who is what character. In a group you have civilians and mafia, usually a ratio of 7:3 (finding a good ratio can be difficult, and special players should not be used if there aren't enough players). There needs to be a narrator who declares each night (when all players have their eyes shut) the narrator calls out "Mafia wake up" and the mafia players open their eyes and determine who the other players are and which of the civilians to kill off.

The narrator tells the mafia to go to sleep and wakes each of the other special abillity players in turn then lastly allows everyone to awaken during the "day". Each day a civilian is killed (chosen by the mafia the previous night) and all players have to pick a player to kill off hoping that it is a mafia. If the number of mafia surpass the number of civillians the mafia wins, if the civilians get rid of all the mafia then the civillians win.

Special players:
Sniper - is able to have a gesture or signal (subtly of course) and is allowed to pick a player each night as their target (may stay with the same target or change) and during the day if the gesture is done then the narrator will suddenly kill off the target. This may only be used once.
Doctor - each night the doctor chooses one person to save (including them self) and if that person is chosen in the night to be killed off by the mafia they are saved. This ability may be used throughout the game.
Mad cow - when the person with mad cow dies they are able to infect and take another person down with them (hopefully a mafia)

Game 2: Bang
There is a player who is placed in the middle of a circle of other players, they will point to a random player (fingers in the shape of a gun like the girls from Charlie's Angels) and go "BANG" (they may also say the players name as seen here) when they do that player must instantly duck and the players on either side go "BANG" and point at each other. The slower player is out, or if the person ducking takes too long they are out instead. This continues until there are only two players left.

When there are two players left you can either have a bang off or an off. A bang off is when they stand back to back and walk in opposite directions until the centre player counts as they do then goes "BANG" at a random point in time where they both spin around and shoot. The fastest player wins.

If you are using an 'off' then the centre player (or another player) counts but instead of saying "BANG" they say an action or object such as "an onion" or "a belly-dancing octopus" and the two players must do so and whoever does the best impression wins (an example can be seen here).

Game 3: Wah
Wah is similar to bang, but a random player starts and shoots (fingers in the shape of a gun like the girls from Charlie's Angels) downwards at another player going "Wah" and that player lifts their arms going "Wah" and the players on either side point inwards at that player going "Wah" then it continues as that player sends it off again going "Wah" at another player. The aim of the game is to keep the beat so that it goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 if the rhythm is broken then a player is out.

Game 4: Ninja Destruction (for older players)
Players stand in a circle, and start with putting their hands together (as shown in the first photo) and bowing going "Ninjaaaaaa Destruction!" Then jumping into a ninja pose of their liking.

How the game works is that going player by player in the circle, each player can make one movement and attempts to hit the hand of another player in order to get them out. The player they're aiming at can similarly make ONE movement in retreat. The player may jump out of their place in the circle but still maintain their turn in order of the original setting. This can be a tricksey move where if you jump out of your position, others forget it is your turn and you can catch them out.

The Honourable Ninja Pose

Ninja Destruction
Ninja Strike Pose

Variations can be playing Bollywood Destruction where each move must be that of a Bollywood dance, or Harry Potter Destruction where a Harry Potter spell may be called out each turn.

An example of this can be watched here.

Game 5: Zip Zap Boing
Zip Zap Boing is similar to 'Claps' and 'Wah' where the players stand in a circle and starting from a player at random that player can either 'Zip' by pointing their fingers (in the shape of a gun like the girls from Charlie's Angels) at either the player on their left or their right, and that player continues, or 'Zap's where they point at any random player in the circle, and then that player continues, or can 'Boing' where a 'Zip' or 'Zap' is reflected back to the player it came from. A 'Boing' can be 'Boing'ed back (such that if player 1 'Zap's player 2, player 2 can 'Boing' it back to player 1, who may 'Boing' it back to player 2, and player 2 must continue). However, you cannot 'Boing' a 'Boing-Boing'. Similar to most games, if you make a mistake you're out!

Game 6: Moose
The players of the game stand in a circle (yes you really should be standing for this one) and the way the game works is that you need three people standing next to each other to put their hands up. The person in the centre with both hands by their ears fingers spread, the person on the right with their left hand up and the person on the left with their right hand up as such that there are four hands up in a line (this makes up the moose's antlers). If the middle person takes down one of their hands then the people on either side of him/her must accommodate, if the middle person takes down their left hand then the centre of the moose shifts over to the person on the right (so the player on the left must take down their own hand, and the player on the right must put up their other hand and the player after that must put up their left hand). The other thing the moose can do is "throw the moose" where they must take a step back and whole heartedly throw the moose at someone and go "MOOOSE" whilst the player recieving the moose must 'catch the moose' and stumble back as if they have really caught a moose. The moose then shifts to them and they must put up their hands as the antlers and the game continues. If someone leaves their hands up when they shouldn't, or do not put up their hands then they are out.

Game 7: Claps
This game is meant to be played as quickly as possible to make it fun. All players stand or sit in a circle, and starting from a random player they clap their hands either left, right or up. If they clap left then the person on their left must do the next clap, if they clap right then that person must do the next clap. If the player claps upwards then the person next to them (continuing in the direction of the previous claps) is skipped. If the players do not clap instantly after the previous person then they are out. This continues until there's only one player left.

Game 8: Asa
This is a rhythm game that goes "Asa (name here)" (like Ah-Sah something something) so the rhythm is 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4
All players keep the rhythm going by tapping their legs, clapping, then clicking their fingers (right then left) so it's tap, clap, click, click.

Each player has their own two syllable name and motion (motions work best if they go in time with the name) e.g. "Nina" and a salute, or "Chicken" and a wing flapping motion (they can be anything).

How to play is that one person starts and does their own motion and name, then does the name and motion of another player. The player who was named then does their own name and motion and the motion of someone else (keeping the rhythm the whole way through). Once you get the hang of it you can make it harder by instead of saying another player's name on your turn you can go "you, you" and point at two other players who then both have to start with their own name and then the name of someone else. Meaning there are two different people to keep an eye on who may say your name (although sometimes people pick the same player which is pretty entertaining). To make it harder still you may pick more than two players and go "you, you, you" or "everyone" and they all must start.

Finally, the hardest version is when you stop saying names but do actions only so you must be paying attention at all times.

Game 9: Binball
This is a team game and in reality is just a variation of Dodgeball (but in my opinion is more fun). There are two teams, and each team has a bin they must protect. There can be a single bin keeper who stands in front of the bin to protect it, everyone else is able to go anywhere they like on their side of the court.
Schoolkids playing Binball
The rules are the same as dodgeball, if you throw the ball and it is caught on the full (has not bounced) then you are out, and the other team can bring an out player back in. If you fumble the ball (drop it) then you are out. You may not hold onto balls for longer than 5 seconds, however if you are holding a ball and you use it to deflect another one that is completely fine and does not count as a fumble. If you are hit on your legs (below the hips) then you are also out. If you are hit above the legs but do not make a pass at trying to catch the ball, it is not a fumble. If a player is out, they move to behind the enemy bin and may catch balls and throw them back to their team-mates (if a ball is caught on the full from one of these catches it does not let an out player back in, similarly if it hits someone on the legs it does not make them out). Once the bin has been hit the game is over and the other team wins. A team cannot go over their section at any point during the game (the balls are lined up at the centre to begin with and that is the division point).

If you are playing on a basketball court that has many lines on it, you can make the dividing line for teams move throughout the game such that zones cross. As explained in the diagram below, let the black line be the starting zones, and throughout the game the dividing line for the teams shift so that there is a zone accessible to both teams. The main thing to be wary of is the rush to grab the ball at the beginning of the game as seen here.
Binball Zones

Game 10: Zombies
This game should be played in a relatively small area. One person starts off as the 'Zombie' and picks one player (whom they must stick with, you are unable to change players halfway through) who they hold their arms out like a zombie and walk towards (the players are not able to run), the player being targeted must call out the name of another player, and that player becomes the new zombie. A trick to this game is pick a player who's standing next to another player so it's easy to tip them. If a player is tipped by the zombie they are out, and the zombie picks a new target.

These games can be a lot of fun if everyone is enthusiastic about it so gather your friends and be prepared for the laughs of a lifetime!
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