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Party Games for Children's Birthdays

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Published April 1st 2013
These games will be the life of the party

Here are some interesting and new party games to play at your child's next birthday.

1). Back to Back balloon pop
Pair up all the children and place a balloon between their backs. The team to pop the most balloons in 2 minutes (or however long you choose) wins. Have at least 10 balloons on standby for the more faster teams.

This game should be played at 7 year old parties.

2). Chair hurdles
You can pair up the kids or let them be single. Place chairs lying down in an area of the house or yard that is big enough. Play some music and let the kids run around jumping over the hurdles. When the music stops any pair or child touching a hurdle is disqualified. The winner is the last child or pair to be in the game.

This game should be played at 5 year old parties.

3). Monster, Monster, Ghost
Similar to Duck Duck Goose. Cut out a monster's tail out of fabric or felt, get the kids to go into a circle and then choose a child to be the "monster". The child has to tuck the tail into their waistband and then circle the group, tapping each child on the head saying "Monster" until they choose someone to be the "ghost". The ghost gets up and chases the monster around the circle trying to grab his tail. The monster must make it back to the ghost's sitting place before the ghost can grab his tail. If his tail is grabbed then he has to stay as the monster; if it isn't then the ghost gets to be the monster.

This game should be played at 5 year old parties.

4). Egg and spoon race
Each child gets a spoon and an egg (hard boiled, or you can use a golf ball). They must line up at the start line and then when you call go, they must go as fast as they can to the finish line. Whoever's egg drops must leave the race. The winner is the person who's egg didn't crack. If there are a few kids who survived the round then they keep going until there is one winner.

This game should be played at 6 year old parties.

5). Follow the leader
A non competitive game where the children line up and the person at the front is the leader. Create an obstacle course where the kids can jump, climb, run and crawl under things to make it more fun. Change the obstacle course each time and designate new leaders.

This game should be played at 4 year old parties.

6). Buried treasure
If you have a sandpit, bury some little toys and objects inside it and give the kids a bucket and spade, tell them what the treasure is and the person who finds it first is the winner. For example you may hide a spinning top, a cup, a spoon, a plastic toy, a yoyo, a dice and an egg cup. Just say the treasure is the egg cup so the first kid to find it is the winner.

This game should be played at 4 year old parties.

7). Jigsaw boxes
Divide the kids into two teams. Get a picture from the internet and cut it up into pieces of however many kids there are (one piece per child). Put each piece into a container or a box, seperate the boxes so each team gets one full picture. The kids line up and each kid from each team run up to the boxes, grab one and bring it back to the team, the next kid goes and brings theirs back and so on. At the end the kids have to assemble the pictures like a jigsaw and then raise their hands to say they're done and then say what the picture is. The first team to do this wins, some fun pictures to print out are Spongebob, Dora, Simpsons, Cartoon Animals, Christmas (if the party is near Christmas time).

This game should be played at 5 year old parties.

8). Chocolate game
Get the kids to sit down in a circle. Place a plate with a block of chocolate on it in the middle with a knife and fork, along with a hat and a jacket and dice. Each player rolls the dice and it lands on a six, the player must put on the hat and the jacket and cut themselves some chocolate and eat it until another player rolls a six and that person must stop and take off the hat and jacket. Go around at least twice, very fun game to play especially with girls.

This game should be played at 8 year old parties.

9). Scavenger hunt
Place the kids into teams and give them a list of things they must find. Give each team a different one so there's no fights. Get the kids to work in their teams to get everything off the list (give them a basket or bucket), the first team to get all the items and make it back to the party host are the winners. Some ideas for a scavenger hunt are
. Get 3 leaves off a tree
. Pick a nice smelling flower
. Get some bark
. Find a shoe hidden somewhere near the trampoline
. Get a dog toy
. Get a special coin from Uncle Henry
. Write all your names down on the piece of paper near the swingset and put it in your bag

This game should be played at 6 year old parties.

10). Walk, walk jump
Stick down printed out pictures of characters from a TV show or something from the theme of the party (animals, fairies, superheroes) play music and the kids have to walk around, stepping on the pictures. When the music stops the kids must stop on one picture. The person controlling the music will call out a character or thing such as "Bart Simpson" or "Tiger" and whoever is standing on that goes out, then that paper is taken away and the child goes out. You keep playing till there is one person standing.

This game should be played at 5 year old parties.
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