Parrots In Paradise, Glasshouse Mountains

Parrots In Paradise, Glasshouse Mountains


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Admiration, awe, respect and praise come to mind when I think of Dail and Mark, the owners/creators of Parrots in Paradise in the Glasshouse Mountains. Dail and Mark run a not-for-profit parrot sanctuary, providing a home for 'unwanted' birds; providing assistance for injured birds that require rehabilitation; plus their in-house breeding programmes ensure that these beautiful birds of paradise are around for the next generation to enjoy. Their total devotion, which includes hundreds of man-hours that they dedicate to more than four hundred birds, is an absolute feat in itself!

To visit Parrots in Paradise, bookings are absolutely essential - this helps Dail and Mark to work around their 'baby chick' feeding programmes as well as ensuring that all these gorgeous birds are freshly watered and fed twice a day. So, as you can imagine, their days are pretty full!

Visitors have a choice when visiting Parrots in Paradise:

Option 1

Walk-through (this is what hubby and I did) - The walk-through consists of a conducted tour, photo opportunities and getting to feed the birds and is suitable for any number of people - $17.50 per person. Please call (07) 5438-7719 or email [email protected] to arrange a time!

We had the most interesting, nearly two hour walk-through with Mark, who is full of comical anecdotes for each bird as well as being so very knowledgeable about his prized birds of a feather. We visited the baby feeding clinic and watched Dail, very patiently feeding the little chicks - a time-consuming part of her day.

Mark took us through the 'Free Fly' zone, where visitors get to enjoy the birds, who love to sit on your shoulder (or head) whichever is their preference. We visited the picnic area, where guests can enjoy the outdoor gardens with a supplied picnic lunch.

Option 2

Show - The Show comprises complimentary tea or coffee on arrival, a delightful show with the birds showing off their talents; a walk around the aviaries, plus numerous photo opportunities. Ten or more people are required for the Show - if more than twenty guests, a discount price is given - usual price is $25 per person.

Option 3

Picnic with the Parrots - Enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by parrots, providing plenty photo opportunities and bird feeding. A minimum of six people is required for the picnic - $17.50 per person. (Guests should be prepared to have birds flying overhead and in some instances, little 'parcels' could be naturally parachuted down).

Option 4 - Combo 1

Walk-through AND Picnic - This is a conducted tour with multiple photo opportunities, bird feeding and then a picnic lunch surrounded by these gorgeous birds. A minimum of six guests is required for Option 4 - $26 per person.

Option 5 - Combo 2

Show AND Picnic with the Parrots - Complimentary tea or coffee, show, picnic lunch, walk around, photo opportunities and feeding the birds - $35 per person.

Doors open daily at 10.30am. For walkthroughs at Parrots in Paradise, which are available any day between 10.30am and 2.00pm (by prior arrangement), please phone (07) 5438-7719 to make a booking.


Though we hadn't booked in for the Parrot Show, I believe these absolutely gorgeous birds love to perform. As the birds are highly intelligent, everything they are taught is an extension of their natural behaviour, ensuring that they don't do anything they don't want to. The tricks performed by the birds are forms of mental stimulation and play. Knowing that the birds are having so much fun, the show is one to be enjoyed by both the young and the not so young.

Dail from Parrots in Paradise has fifty-two years of experience with birds and is constantly being asked 'bird' advice and so has put together a book titled "Talking Parrots", which is a great introduction read for people who are looking for a companion parrot. Besides the advice offered, Dail covers the humorous antics of these stunning birds of a feather. The book is both informative and highly entertaining and retails in soft cover for $29, or Parrots in Paradise are able to send you a PDF digital version of the book for ONLY $20. Place your orders for these awesome books to email: [email protected]

The funds from these books provide a small way of helping towards the many rising costs of caring for all these amazing birds.

Besides all the wonderful work that Dail and Mark are contributing to keeping these stunning parrots healthy and happy - I can attest to this - all the birds had glistening plumage, testifying to their excellent health, Parrots in Paradise also offer various aviary services.

Aviaries for Sale

To purchase a customised freedom aviary designed and made by hand, please call Mark on (07) 5438-7719 to discuss your requirements.


Certain times of the year, us humans like to take a vacation and as much as we would like to, cannot take our bird family with us. With this in mind, Parrots in Paradise offer temporary boarding accommodation for your avian family. Every day boarders receive fresh food, have their cage cleaned and receive human attention in a safe and stimulating environment. Please click here to find out rates, times as well as what necessary health clearances need to be addressed and supplied when dropping off your feathered friend.


Dail has 52 years experience in bird/animal husbandry and having met Dail and Mark, I strongly suspect they're a pair of bird-whisperers themselves and are ready to give advice to anyone that needs it. Parrots in Paradise offer advice in three areas:

1. New Baby Chick Advice

Parrots in Paradise specialise in Eclectus and Alexandrine parrots and for anybody who has recently acquired a new baby parrot, Parrots in Paradise offer advice sheets. Click here and then click the picture that corresponds to your new parrot for additional information.

2. Gender Determination of Alexandrines

Parrots in Paradise charge $10 for gender determination. You will need two shots of the parrot's head in profile (left side); two shots of the parrot's head in profile (right side); two shots from a slight distance showing full body in profile (either side) and two shots of your parrot's feet from the front standing on a flat surface. These can be emailed to Dail at [email protected]
or if you live in close proximity to Parrots in Paradise, you can make an appointment to see Dail or Mark and take your Alexandrine in for a visit.

3. Problem Behaviour Advice

Are you worried about your bird's behaviour? It might have been tame and has now turned on you? Your favourite feathered friend might have started plucking its feathers or won't allow you to go near other members of the family? Whatever the situation is, there is a good chance that Dail will be able to identify the problem and help you resolve the problem. Yep, we have our own 'Dr Harry' on the Sunshine Coast! Either email Dail at [email protected] or call on (07) 5438-7719.

Parrots for Sale

Parrots in Paradise often have companion birds for sale and are also a breeding establishment with a passion for the Alexandrine and Eclectus parrots. Dail and Mark believe that these parrots make the best companions. Because Parrots in Paradise are often asked to help rescue birds or occasionally re-home birds, they do sometimes have other varieties that they breed from time to time. Click on this link and then click on the image of the variety of bird to see if any babies are available or will be available soon.

With an increasing number of birds being surrendered by the community and rescued by Parrots in Paradise, the costs involved have increased considerably. When a parrot is surrendered, Parrots in Paradise need to supply a flight cage to live in (costing around $400), a partner for the bird, food, general care and of course, vet bills.

To assist with offsetting these rising costs, the most charming little gift shop has been created at Parrots in Paradise, allowing visitors to purchase gorgeous gifts, jewellery and homewares while helping to support the ongoing running of Parrots in Paradise. One hundred percent of ALL sales go to supporting the parrots.

The time that hubby and I spent with Dail and Mark at Parrots in Paradise was absolutely awe-inspiring and so educational - and worthy of a return visit. Their mind-blowing love and devotion for their birds is absolutely astounding. Parrots in Paradise was immaculately clean and the birds were all in excellent health - thanks to the dedicated volunteers, who give freely of their time to assist Dail and Mark. My absolute kudos to Dail and Mark for their devotion to the remarkable work that they are doing at Parrots in Paradise.

Bookmark Parrots in Paradise for a visit, it's only an hour's drive from Brisbane and half an hour from Buderim. This amazing place filled with colour, vibrancy and dedication, would love your support as they are dependent on donations and public assistance to keep this very worthwhile enterprise going. Click here to find out how you can help!

Location: 2 Barrs Road, Glasshouse Mountains, QLD
Contact: (07) 5438-7719
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am to 2.00pm. Closed on Tuesdays and Christmas Day
Bookings are absolutely essential

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