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Posted 2014-02-21 by L.R.follow
When walking into Parmy's in NYC at around 6pm on a Sunday, the place was empty. I wondered why that was, but took my seat anyway.

Parmy's serves traditional Persian food, homemade right on the spot. My guest and I ordered the hummus, sauteed spinach, and 'Kashk-Bademjan', the latter of which is comprised of eggplant, caramelized onions, yogurt, and dried mint. A basket of pita bread was also brought out.

The food was beautifully presented. Not one morsel of food was out of place; it was perfectly done.

Now onto the food. First was the pita bread. The first batch -- not so great. The consistency was a bit tough. The second batch, however, was worth getting through the first. Wonderful consistency and lovely flavor.

Next up, the hummus. I'm extremely picky with hummus. It's one of my favorite foods, and when done correctly, I could have it for every meal. The freshness of the hummus at Parmy's was on point. You can taste every bit of flavor, and it was pure perfection.

The 'Kashk-Bademjan,' was fresh, pure, and tasted lovely. The dried mint, however, was a tad too much, but not enough that I would say this dish was anything but good.

The sauteed spinach was excellent. Some may say it's extremely easy to make sauteed spinach, but you'd be surprised. I've had it too slimy and too dry, and this was neither.

Onto the main course. I had the Chicken Shish with couscous, grilled onion, and grilled tomato. My guest had the Koobideh with basmati rice, grilled tomato, and grilled onion. The flavors were phenomenal.

The tomato and onion were the ideal accompaniments to both dishes. The meat and poultry were juicy, the rice was cooked to perfection, and the portions were large enough that I happily was able to take some leftovers home.
Now for dessert. I'm typically not a fan of almond pudding. The flavor usually doesn't do it for me, but I decided to give it a whirl anyway.

The pudding comes with slivers of almonds embedded in every bite, and is topped off with a scattering of blueberries. As much as I loved the rest of the food, the pudding was my favorite. It was rich without being overly so, the slivers were just large enough to offer texture without being awkward, and the blueberries offered just the right amount of tang.

So back to my initial comment about the place being empty when we walked in. More customers started coming in after we were there for awhile, and Parmy's only opened in October 2013. With that said, there's no reason this place should ever be empty.

The food was amazing as was the presentation. The service was impeccable, and even the bathroom was clean. Make the trip to Parmy's if you're looking for fresh tasting Persian food and/or just want healthy, delicious food. You won't regret it.

Disclaimer: Food was provided gratis, however, the aforementioned options are my own. Pictures and article may not be used without my explicit permission.

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