The Parlor Milkbar & Kitchen

The Parlor Milkbar & Kitchen


Posted 2013-07-21 by Sandra Kerbentfollow
Every week on a Sunday morning, hubby and I head off for our Sunday Brunch. This week after reading an article in the on-line British paper "The Guardian" we sought out a new place called The Parlor Milk Bar & Kitchen (after all it seemed strange that a British newspaper would be reporting on a restaurant in a land so far away from their own shores).

In order to find the cafe I had looked it up on Google maps, as I couldn't bring it mind. To my surprise I found a photo of "Gypsy's" the previous restaurant that had occupied the same location 18 months earlier, and where my son had worked as a kitchen hand, a couple of years earlier. The place had changed hands, and I felt like we had made a bit of a discovery.

We arrived by car at around 9am, all the angle parking outside the cafe had already been taken so we had to park a few houses away and walk back. And for those who are interested, it possible to get there by public transport; there is a bus service that runs from the Cheltenham Railway Station/Charman Rd, the Route 922 bus that travels towards St Kilda Station that can drop you off at the corner of Morey Rd/Weatherall Rd about a 50 metre walk away and it runs on a Sunday!

The cafe is quite small and sits in a very small strip of shops on the street amongst the houses. It is situated across the road from the Victoria Golf Club course which would have made a lovely vista to look out upon if it hadn't been so bitterly cold when we arrived. We made beeline for the a seat inside, there was a lovely fire place at one end of the cafe that heated its interior and helped give the place a cosy feel.

From its name, you might assume that it was a milk bar, but it's nothing like the milk bars that I grew up with during my childhood in the suburbs. It didn't appear to sell cigarettes, but it did sell milk and I also spied bowls of individually wrapped upmarket chocolates on the counter - not quite the same as the 2 lollies for 1 cent variety of my childhood. It did however retain the feel of a place for the locals although not to the exclusion of visitors, and we were made to feel most welcome.

We had no trouble getting a seat when we arrived, but I think we were lucky as others that followed us weren't able to get a table so easily, and the staff began to dry the rain splattered seats outside and set up the outdoor heating to help keep those filling up the outside tables warm.

There were lots of children and young families with their parents, and couples sitting around eating and sipping their cappuccinos the place filled up quite quickly, but everyone seemed to be able to be directed to a seat. There was pleasant number of staff so they weren't run off their feet and looking hassled and tired which is a nice change from some other places that I visited recently, they seemed to enjoy being there and working. The food and coffee was very good and not too expensive. And indeed I can confirm that we had made a pleasant discovery.

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