Parks and Playgrounds in Salisbury

Parks and Playgrounds in Salisbury


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Reviewed by Tillee, 7, and Brandon, 10.

There are a number of parks with playgrounds in Salisbury. Most of them follow Rocky Waterholes Creek.

Russ Hall Park
Ainsworth Street beside the Bowls Club

This has always been a favourite of Tillee's because there is a shop across the road where we can buy "treats". I like it because I can buy a take away coffee. It seems a popular park with smaller children as there is an excellent bike track for trikes and scooters that is just right for learners.

Access to the creek is safe, shallow, and LOTS of fun. You can walk across the creek to another walking path and come back to the park across a bridge.

Other features:
Shaded eating area, tap.
Shaded slide and climbing equipment
Spider web climbing frame.
Toilets 370 metres away

Tillee: " I like the creek and the shop and the spider web. 3/5."
Brandon:" Too young for me. Not much to do. 3/5."

A path joins the Ainsworth Street part to this next part of the park.

Russ Hall Park
McCarthy Road

This has a circuit of exercise equipment with instructions as well as a small play area.

I thought it looked kind of boring but the children gave it a high rating.

Tillee: "More things to do, space to run and there are frogs... I think*. 5/5."

Brandon: "It has good activities and lots of room for games. 4/5."

  • Well, there is a fish pond.

  • The Twirly Whirly Park, aka Bill Moore Park
    Toorak Road

    Known in the family as the Twirly Whirly Park, obviously the favourite equipment here is the spinning thing. I tried and I LOATHED it. But the kids love it. This visit it was full of rain water and the kids had a ball going fast enough to spin the water out.

    This is a beautiful, peaceful park with lots of trees following the line of the creek plus lots of open space. There are a few benches but they are not close to play area so if you want to sit BYO folding chair or rug. No toilets.

    Shade over slide and climbing equipment
    Balance board -'surfing'
    BBQ and tap

    While we were there two men were having a great time with their remote control planes.

    Tillee: "I love the twirly whirly and the swing. 4/5."
    Brandon: "The twirly thing is fun. 4/5."

    Lillian Avenue Park

    There is also a small park on Lillian Avenue. opposite Meynell Street. This has a small but interesting selection of play equipment. It also has a covered picnic table, a tap and lots of flat rocks at the back that I'm sure would be popular.

    This park is not yet reviewed.

    Try them out. Which is your favourite?

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