Parklife, Canggu

Parklife, Canggu


Posted 2019-07-19 by Gerri Sfollow
When this new park and playground opened recently in Canggu it started receiving rave reviews. With this in mind, I decided to make the journey across the island to see what all the fuss was about.

From Jalan Raya Canggu it's well signposted – as per the pictures below. And there's plenty of room for parking both cars and mopeds.

If it's your first time you have to enter in your details to a touch screen at reception and agree to a waiver. The next time you visit the process will be faster as all the details will be on the system. You can pay by cash or card and package deals are available. On a side note, you need to remove your shoes but don't need to wear socks.

If you enter and go directly upstairs you'll find the rooms that host the additional classes – more about them in a moment. But to the left, you can't fail to notice the giant bouncy castle, soft play and slides. In fact, while I was entering in my details, my toddler just simply wandered off and started to explore as it looked so inviting. I called for them to come back as I was worried but needn't have been as the staff were more than happy to help. It turns out that each room is manned by around two staff members who are all extremely kind and speak wonderful English.

I think we could have stayed in the first room the whole morning if it was up to my toddler. The large garden-inspired bouncy castle was a lot of fun. The huge climbing frame has so many exciting areas to explore, with more challenging climbs for older children and 2 different slide options – and before you ask, yes I climbed up the first time to check it was all ok and enjoyed the slide down! Together with these structures, there are also some carts and a road track for the children to race around. Finally, if you need lockers you'll find them free of charge in this room.

If your toddler will leave this big room you'll discover the outside section. To the left is the Rainbow Room. I guess it's designed for younger children with a smaller slide, tepee, books and imagination toys, like a kitchen set. But I saw plenty of children of all ages enjoying this room and my toddler really loved the mini stage with its microphone.

This room extends out to 'The Beach' zone which is a large sandpit. Lower down from here is the picnic area and large pillow type bouncy castle. There's a path around this lower section that the children can 'drive' their cars around. The main plus for me was the unbelievable view. Soft play areas are not meant to be this beautiful.

As you aren't allowed to bring food in, the picnic area is only for food bought from the restaurant area, which is the next part as you continue to move around the garden clockwise. The restaurant has such a chilled out vibe and layout to it. I was so happy with the range the menu offered. There was breakfast, lunch and picnic options with vegan, gluten-free and veggie diets catered for. Or for children, you could choose the normal pasta, fish and chips or pizza. But if your child wanted to try something more adventurous that was possible too, with breakfast and lunch covered. On top of that, there was a good range of drinks, like smoothies, tea, coffees and wines. Prices for the food were in the range I expected; under 50,000 IDR for the children meals and adult meals between 50,000 IDR to 100,000 IDR. My toddler enjoyed fish and chips which was a good size for a child's serving.

In the centre of the garden are more bean bag, low table chill-out areas and a small playground. The whole outdoor part has plenty of natural shade from the tall trees.

The Parklife team have really thought of everything. Just small details like the music isn't annoying children's music, but is still fun and relaxed. The fact children are given small slide mats instead of getting stuck or static shocks. And the big indoor slide is manned at the top to help children and keep them safe. There's free wi-fi throughout the whole venue and in the café area, there's an airconditioned room for co-working which opens out to a stunning balcony overlooking the rice paddies.

I also love the fact the whole place allows for the cool breeze to flow as the rooms aren't all walled in and have ceiling fans. In fact, it was explained to me that the 'Mad Room', by reception, has an extractor fan for when the weather gets really hot to remove the warm air.

On top of the facilities, views and everything I've mentioned, they also have other programmes and activities. For example, there's a drop-off daycare open from 9 am until 5 pm. Priced at 55,000 IDR per hour for a minimum of 2 hours and a 15-hour package is available. Upstairs they have rooms to host different programmes. While there I saw advertised lots of dance class options and Bricks 4 Kids sessions. There was also a mum's meet up group or a dad's hang out, together with set happy hours. And I discovered that they are looking at starting up drama classes and on Fridays hold a children's disco. Finally, they are happy to arrange birthday party packages.

The big question is - was it worth it? Bear in mind I travelled over 30 minutes on a moped with a toddler across the island and even I have to say a resounding yes. It is a great venue, well delivered and in an amazing setting. My only hesitation may be the pricing. It's not my place to comment on other family's financial decisions. For me, it worked out fine as there was only me and my toddler, but perhaps bigger families may not find it the same value that I did. With all that said they have an amazing policy that you can play all day; meaning no time restrictions. On top of that, you can leave and come back. If I lived closer, I would go for the morning, return home for lunch and naps and then go back in the evening. This option makes it super cost-effective.

If you've been please share your favourite bit and let me know what you think.

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