Park Beach, Coffs Harbour

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Coffs Harbour or just 'Coffs', has several attractions one of which is Park Beach. With its dangerous currents, it is unswimmable yet a spectacular view. The crashing waves of Park Beach can be seen on the beach, from the high-rise accommodation or at a vantage point near the beach. With no pets due to being a bird habitat and no swimming, it is a very clean beach and ideal for a jog or morning stroll. Heavily patrolled due to dangerous currents and only swimmable for experienced surfers. Waves look inviting to skilled surfers but very rough to inexperienced swimmers, would indeed be an experience to see this beach (unlike in the photos) in a storm!

Accessible by plane, train, coach and car, Coffs Harbour is virtually halfway between Brisbane and Sydney on Australia's east coast. Park Beach is at the northern end of the city away from its harbour.

Accommodation includes motels, backpackers, resorts and hotels. Some are inland while others are beachfront or coastal. At Park Beach, parks are oceanfront but across the adjacent street is a plethora of good places, with an example shown below:

The beach is well preserved - which shows nature's forces acting to protect its beauty:

And, if staying away from the coast or at the harbour, a bus trip is not out of the question.

While the path from bus stop to the beach is at the Club Hoey Moey carpark.

As a beachside walk or jog, there are few better but the catch is no swimming, so overall it has much going for it such as beautiful views and cleanliness. Well worth a trip to see its sweeping views and the surrounding mountains and interesting developments around the city. With a variety of accommodation options, Coffs Harbour is easily a destination in its own right and definitely not just a Pacific Motorway stop-off - with its Park Beach well worth setting the alarm for a gorgeous sunrise.

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