Parisian Chic - Book Review

Parisian Chic - Book Review


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Have you noticed how the French have a certain philosophy of less being more? They lead simple yet great lives, because they focus on quality and not quantity. Iconic model, Ines de la Fresange, explains this in her book "Parisian Chic"; through the pages, you will travel miles away from just fashion - Parisian style is a way of life which results in a unique allure and mystery.

French women have always embodied elegance, glamour and class, but what really sets them apart is the contradictory style which seems to be almost inherited. Never too done up, but never underdressed. This flair and joi de vivire is a true skill to master, but you needn't be French to be a true Parisian.

Ines de la Fressange explains in simple terms the rules, do's and don'ts and how to mix cheap or second-hand pieces with designer items. Her illustrations are humorous and sketch like. The book also gives you tips and tricks on how to bring true Parisian Chic style to your home and if you read it with an open mind ,you will find a completely new way of life in which you can break away from social rules and be more true to yourself!

As social creatures, we communicate through the way we present ourselves to this world. Imagine being able to dress in a way that you can embrace your feminity whilst showing your masculine side, outfits which have a certain playfulness yet give an air of intelligence, and most importantly being able to truly dress the way you want and look great, without having to follow the herd or spend thousands on cheap quick fashion.

Parisian Chic also has a Paris shop guide, which may be useful for those living there.

Overall, a great book to read in one sitting, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. It may seem superficial at times, but if that is how we judge each other (by first impressions), you might as well look great, feel comfortable and be yourself!

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