PappaRich, Parramatta Luncheon

PappaRich, Parramatta Luncheon


Posted 2014-08-05 by Irenke Forsythfollow
I was lucky enough to be awarded an invite to the launch luncheon of the PappaRich restaurant in Parramatta and it was a lunch worth attending. From the moment I arrived (half an hour after opening time) I could see this Malaysian establishment was popular. Inside it was pretty much full and a queue of people were lining up outside for a table.

We started with drinks and ordered some pretty amazing and colourful thirst quenchers that included the Milo Dinosaur, Matcha Rocks (green tea soya with red bean and ice cream), Tropical Lime and Mango Mania. This last one is what I ordered and it had lychees floating on top and watermelon balls on the bottom and was the best mango flavoured drink I've ever had. They have some other very unique drinks, like Ice Blended Bandung (Rose Syrup with Soya Milk), as well as a lot of different coffees and, for the unadventurous, the usual soft drink options, including Coke. They cater for everyone.

With drinks on the table and, myself along with many food bloggers, taking numerous photos, we ordered our food. Lots of food that we all shared on platters so we could try a bit of everything on the menu. There's traditional dishes as well as some not so traditional, from Roti with Curry Chicken to Satay Skewers with Peanut Sauce, Beef Rendang, Crispy Fried Chicken Skin, soups and noodle dishes such as Curry Laksa and Pappa Prawn Mee, Chicken Rice with Steamed Chicken and Chicken Nuggets with Chips for those picky children. They also have a number of vegetarian dishes that include dumplings and Siew Mai. All of the food was fantastic.

Then came dessert. We didn't really need it. We were all full but we still managed to sample three – Sago Pudding, Roti Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream, and Pappa Premium Ice Cream. All delicious.

My favourite of everything I tried was the standout Roti Canai. This is a type of flatbread that is light and fluffy inside and crispy and flaky on the outside. It tasted like a French crepe rather than a bread. It was the best and came with a side of sauces. They make different types of Roti, some with egg in them and onion, and others with kaya (coconut jam). Roti is also known as 'flying bread' due to the tossing and spinning preparation process which we got to witness in the open kitchen.

It is easy to see why this restaurant is so popular. The food is amazing, traditional, cooked fresh and delivered straight to your table. There is no storage of pre-cooked food. One of the interesting things about this restaurant is how you order. Each table has a holder that contains pencils and order pads as well as cutlery and serviettes. Each item on the menu has a code and you write the code of want you want on the order pad. Once everyone in your party has chosen what they want and noted it you then push a button on the front of the holder and the waiter or waitress then comes and collects your order. It is all very efficient and they turn over tables very quickly, which is needed in this popular establishment due to the numbers of people waiting outside. I thought it was quite a unique way of doing the ordering. It saves you trying to get the attention of a busy waiter/waitress. After putting our order in we didn't have to wait long either, before our first meals arrived.

The earthy tones of the interior make this restaurant very warm and inviting. It is definitely a place I will be going back to. More information about the Papparich group and other locations can be found here.

Last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to the ladies at Wasamedia who organised the lunch. It was a great opportunity and a wonderful experience.

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