PappaRich Broadway

PappaRich Broadway


Posted 2014-06-30 by Sarah Hanfollow

The long queues at the newly opened PappaRich at Broadway are proof that people are enamoured with the Malaysian franchise. We're here on a Sunday at 2pm, and even at this after-lunch hour there's a line outside of the restaurant. Fortunately, the line moves quickly as the restaurant turns tables pretty quickly. I meet owner Charmaine who is absolutely lovely and recommends her favourites off the menu. She's quite excited about the fried chicken skin, which I had also heard a lot of good things about.

You need this fried chicken skin in your life. It's unbelievably delicious. Let's face it, the crispy skin is often the best part of a chicken. Akin to many people's obsession with pork crackling, this is just as good. The small, curly bites of salty chicken skin are deep-fried and then served with sweet chilli sauce. I end up snacking on them for the rest of our meal. It's hands-down the best dish on the menu.

Next up is the roti canai with beef rendang. Fluffy and flaky, the roti is exactly as it should be: crispy on the outside, but still soft within its many layers. Served with sambal, dhal and also some beef rendang, it's a great dish to start with.

The mixed satay isn't one of my favourites from the PappaRich menu. Satay is marinated, skewered meat originating from Indonesia, but has grown in popularity in other Asian countries too. Having lived in Indonesia for a decade and having an Indonesian mother, I can be quite critical of satay. I've always found Malaysian satay very different in texture, flavour and even presentation. Malaysian satay is often more fragrant than the Indonesian version. At PappaRich there's a chicken or beef on offer, and you can even get a mixed plate of both. The satay is served with a sweet peanut sauce, onion and cucumber.

More to my liking is the char kway teow. It's got the delicious charred taste of flat rice noodles that have been wok-fried. Big on flavour, the char kway teow comes to our table steaming hot. True to the way it's served at Malaysian or Singaporean hawker centres, it's made with with prawns, egg, bean sprouts and fishcakes.

The special biryani rice is a handsome plate of Indian spiced rice with sambal eggplant, fried chicken and sambal prawns. As it's made with biryani rice it's a bit drier than other rice you might be used to, especially when compared to nasi lemak. But it's beautifully fragrant and bursting with spices, which complements the jammy, tasty sambal that the eggplant and prawns are covered in. I'm a fan of the juicy fried chicken and the accompanying papadum, too.

For dessert, Charmaine orders us a roti banana with vanilla ice cream. Crispy and sugary on the outside, but filled with soft banana slices, then topped with melting ice cream, it's a winner. I normally don't even like desserts made with bananas, but I definitely enjoyed this one.

The drinks list is fantastically extensive. We have the Pappa cham, which is a combination of iced coffee and milk tea. I've had this drink before, and sometimes it can be too sweet, but at PappaRich it's just right. The Tropical lime is an ice blended lychee and lime slushee with vanilla ice cream on top - I'm hooked on this from the first sip. Charmaine raves about it, saying that her husband absolutely adores it, and I can understand why. It's refreshing, it's sweet and it's got ice cream. You just can't go wrong with that.

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