Spring Into a More Organised Summer

Spring Into a More Organised Summer


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2020 has thrown all our lives into chaos and half a year later, we are all trying to settle into the 'new normal'. Many of us are now permanently working from home or stuck at home due to COVID-19 and struggling with our time management and keeping our home offices and household paperwork organised. From household bills, financial statements, tax returns, superannuation, pension and loan applications, school notices and so much more - getting on top of paperwork, both online and hard copy, can be frustrating!
But trying to get organised doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience - especially with Sue Glasser, a well-known time management, organising expert and mindset mentor, speaker and consultant on hand!
Sue is the founder of Paperclip Professional Organisers and has been offering her fun and interactive workshops, courses, and consultations for decades. Now she is offering her personalised services online through Zoom and Skype in the convenience of your home.After struggling with disorganisation herself, Sue is very relatable and encouraging. She believes getting organised and managing time is something we can learn, like any other skill. She's helped thousands of people 'organise' the life of their dreams. There's no better time to go from overwhelmed to organised, so join Sue and turn paperwork into 'paper play'!
Choose from an exclusive range of dedicated workshops, group sessions, one on one consultations and self-paced courses, all available online and affordably priced.These workshops are suitable for absolutely everyone, from mums and dads juggling home-schooling, work-life and home-life; teachers, who are working more hours than usual from home, small business owners, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups who are readjusting to the 'new normal'; administration assistants looking develop their skills; and retirees who are organising their employment, superannuation, and pension paperwork. Regardless of who you are, each workshop aims to get you organised and improve your time management skills, so you can spend your precious time with your family and doing the things you love!
Productivity & Time ManagementUpcoming group sessions and one on one workshops are available at different times - choose from morning, lunch and evening sessions. Email Tamed: Email Management Fundamentals You Need to Know! Find out how to declutter your inbox, create simple and effective systems to organise your email, find a place for every e-mail you receive and much more![BREAK] Email Overload One on One Consultations Let Sue show you simple and effective ways to take back control of your inbox.[BREAK]Paper Flow Self-Paced Online Program:
[BREAK]In addition to the ongoing series of group sessions and one on one workshops, Sue also offers the Paper Flow system, which is now available as a self-paced online program! The program will help you find a place for every piece of paper (both hard copy or electronic) that comes into your environment. Discover how to effectively file and sort everything from your older paperwork to current day to day paperwork for safekeeping. Plus find out how to easily gain access to important information through records management, archiving and storage.
For a sneak peek at how it works, check out some of the FREE content here and take part in one of the upcoming Paper Flow FREE Webinars - click here to see upcoming dates .And if you would like to start the program today, you can also take advantage of a special bonus offer .What people are saying about the Paper Flow Online Program
Mindset and Self-Care Upcoming group sessions and one on one mindset related workshops are available at different times - choose from morning, lunch and evening sessions. Goals & Habits Go Hand in Hand - Let's Turn Your Resolutions into Realisations Take some time to learn more about the importance of setting goals now and into the future. You will leave the workshop with at least one defined smart goal and the tools to set up all your goals into the future and what actions need to be taken.[BREAK]
Self-Care and Dreaming on during Covid-19 - Group Session Focusing on self-care during Covid-19 and beyond.[BREAK] Self-Care and Dreaming on during Covid-19 Session One on One A one-hour session focusing on self-care during Covid-19 and beyond.[BREAK] Mindset Reset Hourly Consultations Are you feeling frustrated with your current circumstance? Are you feeling stuck in a job, a relationship, in the past? Are you stuck when deciding what goals to set for yourself? Let Sue help you find clarity by sharing simple and effective techniques to help move you out of your past, away from the fear of the future and into the here and now.[BREAK] Book in an Interactive, Fun and Engaging Workshop for You and Your Team Being organised with our time is an important life skill which all team members require both in and out of their workplace. Taking the time to learn this important skill is a real investment for their future.Self-Care Workshop Testimonials:"Sue, thank you so much for an incredible workshop on Friday morning, it was so inspiring and exactly what I needed to get myself inspired again after a week of intense university work. So sorry I totally forgot to send my homework in yesterday, but better late than never! A photo of my plan is attached to the email, and I added in some extra self care activities that I had been putting off for so long as I was feeling extra motivated now & #9786 ;& #65039 ; I'm sure I'll attend one of your workshops soon for my dose of re-inspiration!" - Sunny"It was such a wonderful WS! The only feedback I have is that it could be longer :) I just love when we share, always so many lovely ideas." - Liv"Loved today. Thanks Liz. Sue was so warm and engaging. Great ideas." - Alice"Very useful strategies presented by Sue in a doable and non-judgemental way. Glad I attended." - Evelyn[BREAK]
Save time and money by getting more organised, achieving a healthy work-life balance and learning how to reach your full potential. Live life on your terms! Check out the full range of workshops, group sessions, courses and consultations at https://bit.ly/PPOWORKSHOPS Got a question? Contact Sue today at [email protected] or 0402 109 007.For all the latest organisation tips and tricks, follow Sue's blog , Facebook and Instagram . Want to find out more about Sue? View her LinkedIn profile.[BREAK]

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