Secret Road Trips - Paris Part 1: Panthéon

Secret Road Trips - Paris Part 1: Panthéon


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Secret Road Trips - Paris (Part 1: Panthéon)

Are you planning a visit to Paris? Put the Panthéon on your bucket list, but visit it twice. I'll tell you the secret of why below.

DESTINATION: Panthéon, Paris

The Panthéon is a well-known Paris landmark and destination for tourists and Parisians alike. It is located in the Latin Quarter, south of the Seine. Its name comes from the Greek "every god" and is a secular mausoleum which now houses the remains of some of France's most famous citizens.

The exterior columns were created in the Roman Corinthian style and present an imposing facade.

Even though it is not a church now, it was designed as one originally and the floor plan is a massive cross. Yet your eyes cannot help by turning skyward when you enter to marvel at the astonishing ceiling.

So now to the secret tip about visiting it twice. The first time needs to be early in the morning, say about 8am. It won't be open. But that's OK because you will get this beautiful building all to yourself. You can see from the top photo, not a soul in sight. Parisians rise late, and the light at this time of the morning means you can capture that perfect photo.

Your second visit can be for the purpose of going inside. It usually opens at 10am, but it's always best to check on the day by visiting their website .

I can also suggest you invest in an "open top bus tour" of Paris which will have the Panthéon as a stop on the journey. Your guide can also advise of opening times.

Alternatively, you may like to make the short walk from Paris centre to the Panthéon via Rue Valette to see another angle of the building as the land gently slopes upward above the city.

Inside you will discover the final resting place of some of France's most famous citizens, including Victor Hugo. But not everyone is buried here. Some simply have their heart in an urn, their body buried elsewhere.

Those people interested in classical sculpture will be delighted with the statues on display. However, the exhibit does change every season as different artists are featured.

Look out for Part 2 of my Parisian Journey when we visit the Louvre.

Happy Road Tripping.

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