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Their mantra is Eat Clean, Live Lean and at King William Rd's newest hotspot you can do just that.

First of all, what is a Paleo diet? Also known as the Caveman Diet followers of the Paleo diet will only eat foods that a paleolithic human would have had access to. This means no dairy products, grains or processed sugars but a lot of fish, grass-fed meats, fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Paleo Café was founded by owners Jai and Marlies after their son Troy was diagnosed with a dairy intolerance as a baby. They fell in love with the lifestyle and have now added Adelaide as their 11th venture.

The atmosphere is undeniably bright. Orange seems to be their mascot colour and adorns the cups, chairs and walls. It is a spacious site for such a specific diet and dominates the corner of King William Rd that it lies on.

To their credit the does not push its lifestyle onto non-Paleo customers. They do have regular milks and coffee and if it wasn't for the wall of Paleo merchandise and books that takes up one side of the room you might be forgiven for thinking that this was just a health conscious cafe.

The menu seems normal enough, the usual poached eggs, muesli, stuffed mushrooms and then a 'Caveman's Big Breakfast' which consists of sirloin steak, bacon, Paleo sausage, mushrooms, tomato, red onion and spinach on Paleo toast with Paleo tomato sauce. I was intrigued by the idea of Paleo toast seeing as they didn't' eat grains so I ordered the Salsa Verde Eggs.

The 'toast' is a lot like gluten-free bread. It's spongy, soggy and does not hold its structural integrity when come into contact with a runny yolk. I would recommend skipping the bread and instead ordering a side of sweet potato rosti, which is a much nicer replacement.

Having said that, apart from the bread I did not miss any other modern human ingredients. The salsa verde was full of flavour and the eggs were nicely cooked. Some Paleo additions even improved on the classic such as the Paleo Hot Chocolate, which is made with cacao, honey and coconut milk. The cacao adds a lovely bitterness that is so often missing in milky, timid hot chocolates and the coconut milk gave it a luxurious edge.

In short, this is a great cafe to try, especially if you are on a health kick. They have a whole range of breakfast juices and smoothies as well as all the chia seeds, acai berries and super food boosters you could imagine. Have I been converted to the Paleo diet? No. But would I go back and try the Banana Pancakes with whipped coconut cream and lemon curd? Absolutely.

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