Pakenham Rotary Farmers' Market

Pakenham Rotary Farmers' Market


Posted 2011-10-06 by Gonerilfollow
Nearly every month that this market is on I try desperately to try to go to it, even though I know I will be tempted to spend more than I should on the produce there. It isn't a big market (about 10 – 15 stallholders which sometimes changes depending on their availability) but I have noticed that most farmers' markets tend to be small, and more importantly for me, local.

One of the things I really appreciate about is getting the opportunity to buy local food; it makes me feel like I am supporting the local community (at least a little). So some of my favourite stalls are the apple juice stall, cupcakes (naturally who can avoid these sweet, sweet temptations anywhere), the British meat and pie stall and the cheese stall.

The ' Summer Snow ' apple juice is fantastic (and not just because it is made in Officer, which is only about 10 minutes away) as they bottle the apple juice according to the flavours, so there is Fuji, Granny Smith, Royal Gala and Pink Lady. They also have Apple/Lemon and Apple/Pear juice. These are all really sweet and yum. They also have traditional mixed for those who like the flavour of everything mixed together.

The cupcakes are also great - you can choose from delicious flavours like double chocolate, chocolate and raspberry, lamington and even lemon meringue cupcake. My husband and I always buy four because you can never just stop at one each. There are just too many wonderful flavours to pick from, but I figure once a month that kind of indulgence probably isn't going to harm me.

The Hilltop Farm Meats British Meat and Pie stall is also good, I haven't tried their meats yet but their pies are amazing (all homemade yummy goodness). My favourites have been the Minted Lamb, Chicken and Camembert and Chunky Beef. The family size ones are great for four people for dinner (if of course you add veggies as well). Really filling and tastes all home-made. These were so good last time that I had to hunt them down at their farm in Upper Pakenham, where they have a shop, because the two I bought just weren't enough.

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