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P & O Cruises - Pacific Jewel


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A voyage on the Pacific Jewel will allow any passenger to live it up and party on the high seas.

Where you go depends on what voyage you choose, whether it be to Moreton Island, Vanuatu, New Caledonia etc.

This 'Photo Article' will give you a glimpse into what being aboard this ship is really like.

When you first enter the ship, you will enter here at one of Deck 7's Outer Decks (two decks either side) before entering inside the vessel. It is one of the few areas where you can smoke once the ship sails the ocean (the other being outside on Deck 12).

Once you board, you will get the chance to view your room. It is up to you to decide if you would like a Suite, Mini-Suite or 2,3 or 4 berth room. All rooms come with their own fridge, bathroom and TV (although you will see replays of particular episodes during the day).

Room stewards will clean your room during the day and early evening while you embark on other adventures on the ship.


You won't need to worry about lugging yourself up flights of stairs. The image above is just to show the drop between Deck 14 and lower levels. There are a total of 9 lifts spread throughout the ship so you can travel between the 11 decks in ease (Three decks are inaccessible).

Deck 12 has much to offer. It is an area where you can unwind and relax by the pools, have a dip in the spa, or grab a drink from the Lido Pool Bar. A NZ ice-cream bar and an internet cafe can also be found in this area. The white structure built in the middle of outer Deck 12 hosts several performance shows including Pacific Cirque.

Passengers are able to see the circus acts of the Pacific Cirque team. Most of the acts are held on Deck 12, though in some cases, the performances can also be held in the Atrium. Check the activities guide that will be available in your room each day.

The Atrium lies on Decks 5-7. The reception desk, where any queries will be answered, is shown in the background of the picture above. On the 5th deck, you can grab a coffee or drink from the Charlie's Bar opposite reception or treat yourself to chocolates and sweets at the confectionery store. Listen to live bands, piano music and see laser shows in the Atrium.

In the Atrium, passengers are able to bear witness to the Pink Floyd laser show: one of two laser shows held on the Jewel (the other is the Vizion Laser show). Lasers beam around the Atrium as a Pink Floyd cover band plays their greatest hits. Just be aware that the show only lasts for about an hour.

A quaint smell floats in the air as you take those first few steps into the marquee, adding to the charm of it feeling like the 1920s. As one of the main hubs for entertainment on the Pacific Jewel, the Marquee offers a range of activities during the day and night. Play Bingo, attend food and wine tastings/demonstrations or participate in seminars. At night, you may attend musical productions such as 'Disconnected' (a show about the link between dating and technology) or Pirate shows. Grab a beverage from the Marquee bar. Treat yourself to movie nights in the Marquee.

A comedy magic show aboard the Pacific Jewel. Waves of laughter erupted within the Marquee as Phil Cass performed magical skits. Just note that if you get to attend his show, keep an eye on your belongings!

DISCLAIMER: Some shows described in this article might be subject to change.

For the kids, Deck 14 has a children's centre for all ages - toys for 3-9 year old children, gaming rooms with PlayStation, a paddling pool for toddlers, and a rock-climbing wall. On Deck 2 there is HQ for older children and teenagers where they can watch movies and immerse themselves in the latest gaming technologies.

You will also find that there is a medical centre on Deck 4 if you have any health issues during the voyage.

For the shopaholics out there, good news. On board the Pacific Jewel, you can find tax and duty-free stores where you could save up to 40%. Buy some clothes from Rip Curl, purchase some liquor, try on watches and jewellery, or buy yourself some men's and women's fragrances. And what makes it even better is that you don't need to waste time searching through your wallet or purse for notes and coins. Just link your credit or debit card with your account. But check with your provider or bank first about purchases.

On Deck 7 the Connexions Bar is one of the Jewel's most popular bars (aside from The Attic Nightclub on Deck 14). Listen to the voices of random people as they belt out the biggest hits from the top of their lungs in karaoke nights. Move on the dance floor to the music of live bands at night. Laugh the stress off at the adults-only comedy show. Other bars in close proximity include The Mix and The Casbah.

For those that love a good gamble, The Players Bar & Casino on Deck 8 gives passengers the chance to play the pokies, spin the roulette wheel and play numerous card games.

As for the food, the Sea Grill seafood restaurant is the only restaurant where you have to pay. Run by Luke Mangan, Sea Grill is the only one hat restaurant that serves customers on the high seas. The food is delectable! You can have a choice of oysters, barramundi fish, lamb cutlets, lobster tail, salads and so on. It is a $40 fee for a dinner seating and $20 for a lunch seating.

The Waterfront Restaurant, on Deck 7 is the closest thing you will have to dining in a fancy atmosphere for virtually free (apart from the drinks). The beef lasagne here melts in your mouth. The steaks are very tender and tasty and you can tell that the staff are very productive when you see a revolving door for waiters to enter and exit the kitchen with meals and orders. Just be aware though that booking here can be a real pain.

Which leads us to the Plantation Buffet Restaurant inside on Deck 12. If you want a meal without the wait of ordering then this is the place to go, especially for breakfast. The food here is often hit-and-miss in relation to flavour, and the range of different foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner is limited. But it's the place to go if you are eager to eat without having to book. The pastas here are delicious and the chocolate cake and mousse in the desserts section have a nice rich flavour (just as a tip).

Other restaurants that you may dine at include;

The Grill- A menu of hamburgers, deli sandwiches, meat pies, freshly cooked bacon and egg rolls and a bucket of prawns or chicken wings.

La Luna - The menu rotates between Japanese and Thai food. Try some Massaman beef curry or the pork belly with caramel dressing and grapefruit salad

But this is only just a glimpse into what there is to offer on the Pacific Jewel. Visit the Pacific Jewel website for more information on price packages and information on activities

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