Organized with KikkiK

Organized with KikkiK


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Organized with Kikki.K

Kikki.K is that beautiful stationery and all things home and work organization store. Get organized with kikki.K this year and make 2012 an easy year that lets you live life rather than get snowed under with paperwork. Kikki.K in Warringah Mall runs workshops once a month to help you organize all your paper work and all things organizational.

Whether you are a busy business woman, a mum who has to take care of a home and organize herself, childrens' daily schooling and out of school activities or someone who wishes to organize their life to make things flow so that you can spend time at the beach, gym, out with family and friends and not have to have that thought in the back of your head that you still have a pile of paperwork to go through.

Kikki.K is one of those wonderful stores that helps you organize your life with beautifully designed stationery and related boxes, in-boxes, files, folders, paper clips, calendars and all sorts of things that can create an easier life for you.

Organized with kikki.K is a wonderful concept where a Personal Organizer works with you to organize yourself. Kikki.K run their workshops and consultations to achieve this aim, some instore and some may be tailored to your needs or even virtually via computer.

The workshops run in-store cost $40 per person and have between 4 and 12 participants. You may arrange a private workshop to suit your diary at a cost of $495. External private workshops may also be arranged to take place at your home, workplace or a venue of your choice for between 4 and 20 people. These cost $750 or a little more if you wish things more specifically tailored.

If you attend an instore workshop, the $40 fee is, Chantelle tells me, "redeemable upon product purchases." Which is quite amazing. You may also receive 10% discount on anything you purchase in the next week.

Warringah Mall Kikki.K workshops are run instore once a month with Emma G. The next workshop is being held on 21st Feb at 6pm. Booking and prepayment are essential. If you'd like to know more, drop in and see the staff there or contact them by phone for more information. The girls there are wonderfully helpful people and are more than happy to assist you( 8459 7000).

The girls instore at Warringah Mall rave about Emma G who runs their workshops. So contact them or your nearest store for details of local workshops or consultations.

Go to the Kikki.K website or contact your local store. If you check out the website, you'll find that there are workshops run at numerous stores in all states.and in New Zealand. . Click on the Organizational Services tag on the Kikki.K homepage to get Organized by Kikki.K.

If you have more specific requirements let them know. It is possible to tailor workshops or consultations to your needs and the price may vary according to your requirements.

Private Consultations in store, private or virtually may be booked. So you now have no excuse not to be well organized in 2012.

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