Only In Hindsight - Perth PopPunkRock Band

Only In Hindsight - Perth PopPunkRock Band


Posted 2015-11-23 by Miyanfollow
Only In Hindsight - Perth Pop/Punk/Rock Band

A young pop punk/punk rock band is starting to make a buzz in the music gig scenes in Perth. Calling themselves Only In Hindsight , this 4-piece band has recently released their first EP which can be downloaded free from soundcloud .

What's impressive about this group (besides being young, good looking and talented blokes) is that their original songs appeal not only to their age-group but also to more mature audience. The songs " Handcuffs and 204 in particular, can get listeners to bob their heads and groove to the music.

Only In HIndsight featured its first single Pilot in an open mic at Ya Ya's in Northbridge in 2014. The song and the band's performance received an approving review from Inhale Music. Since then, the band members have worked hard to get their songs recorded and get their group invited to various gigs around Perth. Without any sponsors and doing their own promotion, Only In Hindsight is starting to be a favourite local support for visiting artists such as the band As It Is (UK). But not only that, their music has started to get air time in Boom Radio.

We are talking about 16 -18 year old-Australian students composing and recording their own music, supporting international bands and performing like pros. In the group's facebook page , it says in one of their recent posts: "So we've been away in hibernation for the past month praying we won't fail our yr12 exams... we're getting back into it though with a show late this month which will be announced soon...."

Only in Hindsight members are Jack Nelson (drums), Jordan Pawlik (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Watson (Guitar/Vocals) and Finn Rooney (Bass). "We are passionate about our music. We consider ourselves serious musicians but we are fun and energetic on stage", says Jack. When asked about the band's plan, Jack adds: "We would like to tour locally, and maybe internationally if we get our break".

With the way their performances attract audiences, and with their euphonious and spirited music, it's purely a matter of time before Only In Hindsight become Australia's number 1 teenage idols in pop-punk-rock genre.

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