One For The Road (German Film Festival 2024) Film Review

One For The Road (German Film Festival 2024) Film Review


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Tue 07 May 2024 - Wed 05 Jun 2024

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You'll find One For The Road at this year's German Film Festival screening at Palace Cinemas. A 115min long comedy, drama, it is directed by Markus Goller and stars Frederick Lau as Mark, Nora Tschirner as Helena, Burak Yigit as Nadim, Friederike Becht as Anja, and Godehard Giese as Dr. Blau. Do check out the rest of the program via the given link and see what this year's Festival has in store for you. You can also Download the Program if you haven't already picked up a hardcopy from Palace Cinema . With something for everyone, Kino for Kids is the sidebar for budding cinephiles at the Festival, presented by the Goethe Institut Australia . Festival dates are as follows - Canberra: 7 May – 29 May; Sydney: 8 May – 29 May; Brisbane: 9 May – 29 May; Melbourne: 10 May – 29 May; Adelaide: 15 May – 5 June; Byron Bay: 16 May – 5 June; and Perth: 16 May – 5 June.

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An Australian Premiere, this is a deeply touching and distinctly authentic story set between Berlin's famous bars and sober therapy rooms. It follows Mark's (Lau) journey that travels a fine line between his demanding job as a construction manager by day and his rambunctious forays into Berlin's bars by night. During one of his alcohol-fuelled evenings, he is stopped by police and loses his driving license temporarily, plus has to complete a course. In denial about his drinking problems, Mark bets his best friend Nadim that he'll not drink any alcohol till he gets his license back. During his course, he meets Helena who also doesn't believe in his determination, and Mark ends up making a double bet with her, confident of victory. Disillusionment follows and temptations lurk everywhere. Mark needs to evaluate whether he has a more serious problem than he thought. This is a tragicomedy that dives into the highs and lows of drinking and coming to terms with underlying issues.

Mark is your likeable good guy. Everyone at work loves and respects him, and he's the life of the party with his friends. He's funny, kind, and an all-around nice guy who unfortunately drinks a lot! Yet he somehow manages to function wonderfully at work, till he doesn't. Festival favourite Frederick Lau (The Perfect Secret GFF21, Victoria) delivers an outstanding performance in One for the Road as the likeable alcoholic. The film has a great tempo and beat, and is well balanced in that it's not preachy, still has a huge fun and humorous element to it, while being in equal parts serious about the human psyche. As Mark slowly gains awareness that he really has a problem, he becomes a little ugly and finds he doesn't like himself when he's sober, and down the rabbit hole he keeps going, till he finally acknowledges he has to deal with the hole in his heart. Great lead actors and surprisingly deep and thought-provoking, this is a tragicomedy well worth seeing.

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