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Omi Canberra


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The Omi at Canberra Centre in Canberra CBD is one of a chain of restaurants in Australia that specialises in offering Japanese cuisine with a modern flair. Ordering of many of their dishes is done by choosing your main ingredient, a sauce and whether you want it as a donburi (rice bowl) or accompanied with udon noodles.

Their Premium Wagyu was meltingly tender and cooked sufficiently to give it a delectable charred flavour. Edamame (soy) beans and pickled ginger added extra texture and flavour to the dish, and the soft-boiled egg can be mixed into the rice if you wish. While the wagyu was tasty enough as-is, the pepper sauce we picked added a peppery taste to the dish.

The Karaage Chicken offered here had juicy flesh which was set off nicely by the crisp coating. For the sauce, we went with the salted egg sauce which added a delightful salty flavour without being too strong. We chose to have it accompanied with udon noodles, which still retained a bit of bite and were subtly flavoured by the broth.

For those that prefer an accompanying side dish, many of the main ingredients from their donburi or udon dishes can be ordered by themselves. Their Soft-Shell Crab was cooked just right with the crisp batter coating acting as a good contrast. We chose Singapore Chilli Crab sauce for the sauce and while not as hot as its namesake is, it still added a bit of a spicy kick.

The portion size of the Edamame Beans was quite generous. The beans still retained a bit of texture and a light sprinkling of salt added a touch of extra flavour to them. Eating them is done by using your teeth to squeeze them out of their pods into your mouth.

Offered as a special during our visit, the Matcha Mont Blanc as its name suggests had chestnut puree flavoured with matcha (green tea). A disc of sponge cake balanced the flavour of the matcha and strawberries provided an element of freshness.

For a good drink to go with your meal, there is the Sparkling Yuzu. Its citrus flavour went well with our main dishes and enough ice was included to make it ice cold. It is best enjoyed by mixing it thoroughly so the flavour of the yuzu is evenly disbursed throughout the drink.

Omi's location in Canberra Centre makes it convenient for visitors to Canberra CBD to visit for Japanese cuisine. It is very popular so arriving early is advised to avoid having to wait too long for a table.

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