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Ollie & Lloyd Giftware - Gasworks Newstead


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Ollie & Lloyd is a giftware store located in the trendy and vibrant Gasworks in Newstead. It is well worth visiting the shop if you are looking for a special gift or something really different for yourself and your home.

Ollie & Lloyd carries a vast range of great brands and contemporary decor from Australia and worldwide labels. Famous names include Missoni Home, Bonnie & Neil, Glasshouse Fragrances, Happy Socks, and Stonemen, just to mention a few.

There are delightful books, soft toys, clothes for babies and children, creams, soaps, scent diffusers, cards, quality stationery, puzzles and jewellery. The shelves are also filled to the brim of items for the house, including cushions and vases.

The store showcases the best, unique and quirky items in every inch of the space available. Get inspired by original design, homeware and objects to improve the interior of your house.

Gentlemen's Hardware produces goods for people dwelling in the cities and for people who love adventure and the outdoors.

Gentlemen's Hardware collections include many useful tools, grooming accessories, outdoor gear and tech essentials.

Gentlemen's Hardware is based in Nashville, Tennessee, producing a curated collection of items and tools designated for style and prestige.

Gentlemen's Hardware showcases a curated collection of multi-tools, outdoor goods, grooming accessories, barware and more.

The store has a collection of boutique books for children and for adults. There are beautiful books about self-improvement, travelling, yoga and landscaping.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book, by Diane Muldrow. The best-selling book is full of humorous tips, to get the best out of life. This book is perfect for readers of any age, for any occasion.

Reflections of New Farm, by New Farm & Districts Historical Society Inc., is a great book about New Farm's past and present. The book is very informative about the most relevant places, people, landmarks, events and history. The book answers the many questions that have been posed on one of Brisbane's oldest suburbs.

There are many interesting, handpicked books.

Feeling Grateful, written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Charles Santoso, is a great book about discovering gratitude and the joy that it brings in life. the journey of gratitude is done together with the great illustrations of an adorable bear cub. The book is suitable for all ages, great to start reflecting on how gratitude makes every moment more meaningful. The book can be a great source of inspiration for people who want to improve the world where we live.

There are many fabulous books for all ages and occasions.

Quirky Cats collection features artworks from artist Terry Runyan, who managed to capture in the painting the whimsical personalities of our feline friends. This lovely art collection is suitable for anyone and irresistible for any cat lover.

Ashdene has been producing innovative teaware, giftware and homeware for more than 25 years. Ashden is an Australian brand with its base in Victoria.

Ashdene started as a small business and now tea sets, tea mugs and accessories are exported to more than twenty countries, offering premium quality and fine Australian art.

Quirky Cats collection is crafted from high-quality New Bone China.

More mugs and cups with great designs.

This is extremely cute!

The store boasts a huge collection of Happy Socks, which have been breaking the common rules when it comes to being colourful and free, aiming to inspire real self-expression through fun, colours, and creativity.

Happy Socks uses sustainable materials, yet the materials have to be soft, sturdy and shiny.

Happy Socks' headquarter is in Stockholm, where it started in 2008 producing socks with themes inspired by art, fashion, pop culture, animals and really inspired by anything.

Happy Socks has a great variety of designs. It is practically impossible not to find something great in Ollie & Lloyd.

Stoneman is an Australian brand with a humble beginning in a garage in Bondi. The sun, the beach, and nature were the inspirations to create different and beautiful products.

The brand Stoneman is now based in Byron Bay, where the unique lifestyle is reflected in all the creative aspects of the brand.

The underwear is carefully curated, keeping in mind functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, with the aim to create something extraordinary.

Underwear is important to make you feel good all day long. Underwear can also be artistic and colourful and match your moods.

Wavertree & London began to make soap in Australia using the French method of triple milling and using plant-based ingredients. Wavertree & London is based in Victoria.

The soap is pure and smooth with amazing scents. There are many types of soap, all derivate from plants, including pear, basil, lime and mandarin; pineapple, coconut and lime; frangipani and gardenia.

The ice cream soap looks really amazing!

Besides high-quality scented soap, in the store, it is possible to find shaving soap, body wash and shampoo.

Salus products were created with the aim to transform the experience of the spa inside the house.
Salus was founded by Jason Cook in 2010, to add luxury to self-care. Cook understood the power of natural ingredients obtained from plants, using extract and aromatic essential oils, instead of chemical made in laboratories.

Salus is Australia-made and owned, ensuring high-quality standards and sustainability.

Shelves are stocked with interesting products for the care of the body.

Beautifully handmade frames add a touch of taste and beauty to your home. Handmade frames are unique and made with skills and talent. Framing your artwork or your photos help protect them from dirt, fingerprints and dust.

The importance of handicrafts objects is growing due to their cultural and financial values.

Missoni is a famous Italian luxury fashion house based in Varese. Missoni House was founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni.

Missoni fashion and style is famous worldwide, made up of different and intricated colourful patterns.

In the shop, Ollie & Lloyd store beautiful Missoni towels, with their unique Missoni designs.

Missoni fabric is unique and unmistakable.

Shopping in Ollie & Lloyd means supporting many Australian businesses, handcrafting and quality. Shoppers can contribute to the cause by supporting the local economy. Ollie & Lloyd is a specialized retailer focusing on local and overseas quality and unique products. Small businesses are important because they give back to the community, creating and supporting jobs.

The store is full to the brim of awesome novelties and unique items.

Top Highlights.

Spending time browsing among beautiful items and finding a great book for me to take home.

I love how the Author chose a little bear to present the theme of gratitude.

Address: Ollie & Lloyd is at 76 Skyring Terrace Shop E5A Gasworks Retail Centre, Newstead QLD 4006

Business Hours:

Monday 9am–6pm
Tuesday 9am–6pm
Wednesday 9am–6pm
Thursday 9am–6pm
Friday 9am–6pm
Saturday 9am–5pm
Sunday 10am–3pm

Phone: (07) 3854 0006

Ollie and Lloyd in Gasworks Newstead.



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