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Posted 2012-06-17 by Jfollow
While travelling through New Zealand, I thought it'd be fun to attempt a few of the nation's reputable past-times. One of these, located in Rotorua provided a unique thrill. Named the OGO it's located only a short trip from the township, and is a simple, inexpensive and outrageous activity!

Essentially, the thrill-seeker climbs inside a gigantic, double-skinned ball, along with several buckets of water. You are then pushed down a hill, left to slosh around and watch a blurry scene of the world rushing past you. While there are some safety requirements, for the tourist who wants to try something "extreme" it's a great place to start.

Started in 1997, the company has appeared in various public events around the world. They have also begun to expand it range of options for those wanting to vary their experience. I myself was able to ride down the hill with my fiancé, though neither of us were game enough to try their latest creation, the Fishpipe. This free-standing ball tumbles you around at various paces, allowing for an even more adventurous ride.

However, the customer should be careful as even the staff let slip that they've experienced nausea, especially on the Fishpipe, and while it is a great deal safer than say, Bungee Jumping, it is a ride.

The service provided was excellent, with very friendly staff (if you're an Aussie, expect some friendly banter), full provision of clothes you can soak and return, we were even able to purchase photos of the entire afternoon from start to finish, at only $110 in total. As it was a cold day, they were even prepared enough to pre-warm the water.

I highly recommend giving the OGO a try, how many people could claim to have climbed into a ball, been drenched with water, and pushed down a hill?

For more information, www.ogo.co.nz see www.ogo.co.nz .

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