Oddisee New Zealand Tour March 2012

Oddisee New Zealand Tour March 2012


Posted 2012-03-10 by Jessica Vallsfollow

Sat 10 Mar 2012

I was asked to work as a photographer at The Manor in Perth last week in order to photograph someone who is apparently a famous artist from the States.

I had no idea who he was, and to all his fans I am sorry about that, because I realised throughout the night how good his music was.

Of course, I was the only one who had no idea.
Born in Washington D.C, Oddisee comes from a diverse cultural background. Half Sudanese half African American, he has got the best from both sides of his family and managed his amazing talent.

"My name is Amir Mohamed el Khalifa. But I'm not a terrorist, I promise."

Those were the first words of Amir Khalifa aka Oddisee when I saw him at The Manor in Perth.
Then he screamed out loud "Perth, make some effin' noise! On the count of three, ya all say your name, so I know 'who' I'm messing with." And on the count of three the best hour, for the people who were there, began.

In Australia for the first time, Oddisee did a great deal on promoting his upcoming album. Though the audience did not know his new songs, it didn't matter, everyone was so into it that by the end of each song they all knew the lyrics.

Since he produced the great hit "Musik Lounge" for DJ Jazzy, Oddisee has pushed his own boundaries in the music industry.
Focusing on hip-hop since 1999, and working with many great artists, he developed his passion. While he concentrates and covers every side of hip hop music, he also creates music and sounds that are appealing to all music lovers.

I myself am not a big fan of hip-hop, but I had a great time listening to him and might actual buy his next album.

Live and direct from The Manor, Oddisee still had a couple of jokes in his pocket.

"I feel bad, cause I'm in my rap gear and ya'll are so dressed up…for a rap show." Said Oddisee before his third song.
We are all at the Manor, and he is standing on a small low budget stage, very close to the audience (touching distance, actually no distance at all!), next to a grand white piano supported by the DJ.

His lyrics are clear and powerful, and I'm underlining 'clear', as I always have a hard time with rap songs and I had no trouble what so ever understanding him. In his lyrics you understand that he is currently choosing music over everything.

He had a great presence and owned the stage, although it was so small it couldn't be that hard. He was very comfortable, with a great mic technique. Rapping in a capella, you could hear every word he was singing.

After his last song, he ended the show with a couple of last words "…oh and I don't drink alcohol, so please don't be offended if you buy me a drink and I don't drink it."

A great part of Oddisee's appeal was his humour and great attitude.

If you love hip-hop, well I guess you're not like me and you actually know who he is, so you will not miss his next show, but for you peeps in Auckland who have no idea, I'm telling just go. You'll have a blast.

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