Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park, Hong Kong


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If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, the diversity of culture, cuisine and couture is endless. However, if you feel you want to add some spice to your life instead of your food, I suggest writing down a day trip to Hong Kong's Ocean Park on your 'to-do' lists.

[ADVERT]The theme park is situated less than an hour's bus ride away from the centre on the edge on the coast of Hong Kong, far from the crowded, bustling streets of the city centre, and provides you with beautiful views overlooking the mountains and the South China Sea.

The park has a wide range of activities for you to enjoy. For the adrenaline junkie I recommend The Dragon and The Hair Raiser for a fast, thrill with the extra with 360° loop or two. The animal lover will be spoilt for choice with the park's Grand Aquarium, Rainforest, Polar Adventure and not to forget the Amazing Asian Animals area, where you'll meet China's most huggable and adorable signature mascot.

After lunch time, the park plays host to a range of shows (my favourite had to be the sea-life show) as an ideal 'post-lunch' activity.

My final suggestion would be to take the cable car just as the sun begins to set. As it is situated on the edge of the hill on which Ocean Park sits, the ride shows you a beautiful view of the Chinese coast, one you will will not find in the city centre.

To summarise, I would recommend this to any family with young children, group of young adults, or anyone with a soft spot for animals, beautiful views and a fast thrill.

In terms of tickets, prices can range from £11 to £25 and the option of a group package is also available. The service is excellent throughout the park and a language barrier shouldn't be of any concern for the English-speaking tourist, even during the shows. Based on my experience, a day at Ocean Park is a brilliant way to try something new and refresh your mind before returning to the bustling city centre.

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