Numinbah Valley Adventure Trails

Numinbah Valley Adventure Trails


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When you fall off a horse, the best thing to do is hop back on, otherwise, you may very well never get back on the horse again. After a bad experience, perhaps you may want to research a few horse riding schools and feel them out as to whether they will give you a horse that will match your temperament, riding skill and confidence. You may also need to determine whether you a) were born on a horse b) can ride to a trot or c) are a beginner with a capital B.

The other aspect of choosing where to go horse riding is the location. For most of us, the scenery does matter and luckily Numinbah Valley Adventure trails were located in the Gold Coast Hinterlands which is part of the scenicrim.

If you do book a trail ride, I recommend the early morning or late afternoon sessions, as the sun warms very quickly, especially in the months of Summer. Once you have found a perfect match for ability and experience, it's time to roll. I have to admit McCloud from Numinbah Adventure trails won me over, very quickly.

On the trek I booked, the two hour guided trail ride was spent winding through the lush vegetation of 2.5 acres of private cattle property. "C'mon Ally!" hollered Corina our guide. Corina led McCloud, Wally, Stolly, Fred and Ally through the trek, making sure Ally at the tail end wasn't left behind. The trail led through paddocks, pass campsites, "Spartan" race obstacles and over creek beds.

The highlight of the horse riding trail ride was the trot and it was amazing that a mix of intermediate and beginner riders were ready to trot so soon, yet we did so successfully. McCloud was a little dreamy that day and would only trot for 5 – 10 m at a time, that is, until closer to home and then McCloud trotted happily for 25 m.

Unlike McCloud, most of us are not in a rush to leave the Gold Coast after a trail ride. You may even want to visit the various swimming spots around Numinbah Valley region or giddy up to the beach.

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