Young Adult Novels by Juliet M Sampson

Young Adult Novels by Juliet M Sampson


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I don't know anybody who is more determined to spread sunshine, inspiration and happiness than author Juliet M Sampson. Her favourite flower, the sunflower, joyfully captures her purpose. In this modern, uncertain, broken, violent world, we desperately need more sunflowers-and more people like Juliet.

About Juliet
Juliet is an award-winning Melbourne-based author whose childhood encompassed the world of storytelling. "I lived it and breathed it," Juliet tells me."My mother read to me every night and I enjoyed our regular visits to the library and storytime. My Grandpa's love of film and musicals was addictive and I would sit for many hours watching different characters share their stories."

Juliet has written and published four young adult novels so far: Behind the Mask in 2011, Bon Voyage! in 2013, Dance Demons released in 2016, and Outback Wonder which was published last year.

Even though Juliet loves to spread sunshine and inspiration, she knows what the real world is like. "Real life issues for young adults are what I write about, set in contemporary times," she says. "Even though my books are classed as young adult, they are for a much wider audience. Everyone can relate to self- discovery, identity, low self-esteem, friendship, romance, loss and a sense of belonging. These are some of the issues my books address."

For example, in her first novel, Behind the Mask, Juliet deals with the very serious issue of abusive relationships and their impact on women. "Relationships are not always happy," she says. "The sad fact is that women worldwide suffer in abusive relationships. The idea of 'Behind the Mask' started with this fact. So many young women dream of finding their Prince Charming and get caught up in relationships, not realizing the pit falls."

And Outback Wonder is the story of seventeen-year-old Hannah, whose parents separate. Her father moves to Flinders Ranges and Hannah is left with little choice but to go with him. As Juliet says, "Hannah wonders why she has been made to follow her father to this place. She has so many unanswered questions. Being a teenager can be tough when you are put out of your comfort zone but when you open your eyes to new experiences, life can offer you so much more."

Dancing queen
A very important part of Juliet's life that brings her great joy is dance. "Dance is part of me and always has been. I love everything about it," she tells me. Juliet has learned an astonishing variety of dance styles including jazz, tap, ballet, funk, contemporary, zumba, jive, samba, swing, blues, salsa, African and hip hop, to name a few! She has danced at the AFL Grand Final at the MCG, for the Aussie Grand Prix and a few cabaret restaurant theatre shows, and she has also taught Latin and jazz dance to children (in addition to her other important work as a primary school teacher!). Currently, Juliet is at Gold Star Level in Latin Dance and is about to complete her last dance to finish the level.

Juliet's love and passion for dance is beautifully captured in her book, Dance Demons. The book was well received by readers and won the 2016 Reader's Choice award for Book of the Year in the AusRomtoday competition.

Spread sunshine and inspiration
Juliet's personal motto is "spread sunshine and inspiration" which has now reached a global audience via social media. Her writing reflects her personal motto because, though her books deal with some very serious themes, they are also full of hope and promise and the seeds of new, more joyful beginnings.
"I'm inspired by life," Juliet says. "We learn so much from our daily experiences. If we can start to understand our strengths and share them with the world, we can enrich many people's lives."
For more information about Juliet, visit her webpage here . You can buy your copies of Juliet's books at Dymocks and Readings bookstores as well as via her webpage. And keep a lookout for Juliet's first children's picture book, Grace's Mystery Seed, to be released in 2019. "I'm known as the Sunflower Lady. Sunny and bright!," Juliet says. "Standing tall and proud like the sunflower, I greet everyone with a smile.My job is not just to write it's to spread sunshine and inspiration through words, actions and in any possible way. So follow our lead the sunflower and me, stand tall on your darkest days and find the sunlight. And shine bright!"

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