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Posted 2015-12-09 by Kat Mayfollow
When you are out and about near Adelaide city and looking for a late night take away place, then this is the one. Recently I was in the city and on my way to somewhere in a hurry. I was extremely hungry and needed something in the way of food fast. It was one of those times I just felt like a snack of a bag of hot salted chips.

When I entered the premises on a late Saturday afternoon I was a little dubious of the surroundings. This burger joint has been operating since 1950 and it looks like it is in need of a renovation job. The paintwork is old and yellowing, the menu sign is cracked and the lighting behind it does not work.

I had to wait a while to order as the shop was full of hungry men who were ready for an early tea. Dads with kids made huge orders and carried piles of food out the door. The amount of customers calmed my doubt: so the food must be good. I wanted to walk and eat, so I ordered hot chips wrapped in paper. They also do them in a cup, but these are not good for walking as you are likely to spill them and they get cold too quickly.

The menu serves almost everything in the fast food line. They have hot chicken packs, hamburgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, and much more. Also kids meal deals with chicken nuggets and more. It was soon apparent the most popular item on the menu was the yiros meal deals. Freshly sliced tender lamb yiros, wrapped in a flat bread with salad and sauce, and a drink to go. I counted ten of these go out the door, while one burger went to a child, in the time I waited for my order.

The staff told me this is authentic Yiros here, with huge juicy lamb steaks pushed onto the barbeque skewer. It sure is a meal fit for a hungry appetite. Burly customers who looked looked as if they had been moving furniture all day, lined up ready to grab their food and get home. The meat looked delicious as it was being carved up.

But I needed a snack on the run, so I ordered a bag of hot chips. I am always concerned about the oil used for chips. Some chips are very greasy and the oil tastes old. The worst chips are ones that sit in a food warmer and then served up in a cup and then go cold before you eat them all. Finally my wait was over, with my chips wrapped the old fashioned way in butcher's paper. I ripped open the top and tucked in.

Small fingers of chips and golden in colour. These chips looked just right and tasted even better. I tucked my precious purchase into my handbag and off I went walking toward the city, choosing chips as I went. The chips stayed warm as I ate them, and lasted all the way to my walk to Elder Park where I sat and ate the last of them. For $3.50 I was pleased at the amount served. Someone came running over to me and asked me where I got those chips from. She complained there is no food around here in the park. I said yes I know that's is why I got these in North Adelaide.

Unless you are eating in a restaurant or fancy something from a very late night food truck, then there is not much on offer in Adelaide CBD at night or prior to restaurants opening. The r on O'Connell Street in North Adelaide is right up along King William Road a couple of minutes. The place might look a bit grungy and ageing, but the food is fresh, the oil smells good, and the crowd of customers that have come here over the years speak to the success of this take away food shop. I can highly recommend the hot chips, as I believe they are the best I have ever eaten anywhere.

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