Noodle Hut, Kotara Westfield

Noodle Hut, Kotara Westfield


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Noodle Hut Asian restaurant is located at The Rooftop dining precinct at Westfield Kotara shopping centre in Newcastle. It is one of the many restaurant choices up on The Rooftop, which is a popular entertainment and dining precinct. Half the fun of dining there is walking around, reading the menus out the front of each restaurant and taking your pick. Each one is bustling with diners for both lunch and dinner, so there really is no "wrong" choice with whichever one you decide upon.

Our family had recently dined at Kinn Thai restaurant on The Rooftop and enjoyed the whole experience so much, that we went back to try something new. As we were there with our young daughter, we needed to find something family friendly with options that she would like - which we found at the Noodle Hut. We were soon shown to our table and we could then look around at the attractive décor and soak up the social ambience.

The lighting inside The Noodle Hut was cosy, with pendant lights which highlighted certain features of the decor and each table. Although we sat inside on a cold winter's day, you can also sit outside and watch the world go by - or at least the dozens of people who come by to look at the menu!

After perusing the menu , we decided to warm ourselves up with big bowls of tasty soups - the Lak-sa Noodle Soup and Miso Ramen Soup. Our daughter also chose to create her own stir-fry with chicken, hokkein noodles and Chinese Oyster sauce. When they were presented before us, under the spotlight, they looked the perfect solution to warming up on a wet and cold winter's day. We couldn't wait to dig in!

The Laksa was full of tasty ingredients and tofu which just fell off the fork, it was so tender. The taste was a little different than we had experienced before - less coconut broth and more fish sauce tasting - however, it packed a punch on the chilli scale which had us reaching for the water! Every last mouthful was devoured.

The Miso Ramen was presented with 6 slices of pork belly layered on top, which were melt in the mouth on the inside and crispy on the outside. They tasted even better when submerged into the soup. After eating the pork I was quite full, so the lightly-flavoured soup, corn and noodles were ideal to finish off the meal.

If you are dining with kids who enjoy Asian food, the "choose your own" stir-fry is a good idea. Our daughter loved the stir-fry with Chinese Oyster sauce - the flavour packed a punch, the chicken was tender and there were a wide array of vegetables to discover under the noodles - from zucchini cut with a wavy slicer to tiny Chinese corn pieces.

We also saw the family on the next table enjoying pork buns from the Yum Cha menu and Malay Chicken Skewers from the entrée menu, which they all shared. Check out the menu here for the delicious options.

Our family enjoyed dining at Noodle Hut on The Rooftop, just as much as our Kinn Thai experience, further along dining precinct. There are so many choices to walk by that will draw you in with their smells - such as Hong Kong Chef , Mad Mex Mexican and also San Churro . You could easily stay for hours - having lunch at one restaurant and dessert at another. After your meal, why not go to the movies or visit Timezone for a game of bowling? There really is something for everyone at this entertainment precinct.

Why don't you take the escalator up to The Rooftop and check it out this weekend?

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