Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition

Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition


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Thu 21 Mar 2024 - Fri 14 Jun 2024

Images that help shape a world are now on display as part of the Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition at the Queensland State Library from 21 March until 14 June 2024.

Jason South, The Age, 2023

What is photojournalism? Imagine a photo so powerful, so defining that it tells a story on its own with great emotion, intrigue and appeal and that goes some way to sum up the beauty of photojournalism. Where traditional journalists use words to tell a story, photojournalists use pictures. As they uncover important happenings that face us, they can find themselves in the dangers of battle in warzones, on the streets, at sporting events and anywhere where news happens to find the people and places which define a modern world.

The Nikon-Walkley Photojournalism Awards celebrate the achievements of Australian photographers across a range of genres, from news and sports to portraiture and visual essays and now you can see the works by the winners and finalists of the 2023 competition.

Finalists are selected in a range of each category, from more than 3000 images entered based on newsworthiness, impact, creativity and technical skill.

This is one of my favourite art exhibitions on the calendar. While the styles and pictures change, the images are challenging, humanistic, humorous and always powerful leaving me to question and wonder what our world has come to mean.

Pieces in the Exhibition
Photo of the Year - "Matilda Joy"
Sport is a great backdrop to emotional images. The excitement and celebration of the sensational sporting feat in women's football by the Australian Matildas at the 2023 World Cup has been beautifully captured in Matilda Joy.

Smiles, elation, relief and team spirit are evoked in the image giving us an up-close look at the magnificent Matildas after the successful penalty goal shoot-out saved by Mackenzie Arnold. The photo is described as capturing grit, jubilation and determination.

Nikon Photo of The Year Prize Winner - Quinn Rooney, Getty Images, Matilda Joy

In a year of flooding rains and rising water worldwide, photos of climate change and climatic disasters were well captured.

"Fighting not Sinking"
The Nikon Portrait Prize winner is an environmental portrait by Eddie Jim showing the intergenerational impact of climate change on remote Kioa Island in Fiji through the eyes of Lotomau Fiafia and his 10-year-old grandson. As their world and life change, the image captures the encroaching shoreline where the sealine has now risen to his chest.

Eddie Jim, The Age, ‘Fighting Not Sinking’ 2023

"I'm Not Leaving"
The emotive reality of the floods has been portrayed in "I'm not leaving" which features a man in Victoria sitting at a kitchen table with an assortment of limited and used supplies. Plastic water containers, a packet of bandages, a sauce bottle and insect repellant fill the table of his home which he refuses to abandon despite rising water levels up to his knees.

Jason South, The Age, 2023

Not surprisingly given the state of current world affairs, images of war featured strongly in this year's entries and give a first-hand and up-close account of the devastation of battles.

What Else
Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition will run in digital 4K format at The Edge at the State Library of Queensland. The State Library of Queensland which is located in Brisbane's Cultural Precinct at Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, just over the Victoria Bridge from the CBD. To find out more about the competition and its founders, you can check out The Walkley Foundation here.

Entry to the exhibition is FREE and opens from noon til 6 pm. Please note that some of the images may be confronting and viewer discretion is advised.

See the world through a different series of lenses at this year's Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition.

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