Night, Mother at The Basin Theatre - Review

Night, Mother at The Basin Theatre - Review


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Fri 18 May 2018 - Sat 09 Jun 2018

Night, Mother written by Marsha Norman is a poignant play about suicide and all of the hardships individuals face when dealing with depression and suicidal tendencies. It's an honest and heartfelt portrayal of an issue that unfortunately still has so much stigma around it.

Directed by Barry O'Neil, Night, Mother is currently playing at The Basin Theatre until 9th June. Set in the USA in the 1990's, Jessie Cates (Jen Bush) tells her mother Thelma Cates ( Di Kelly) of her intention to kill herself with her late father's gun. On an isolated country road, Jessie explains to her mother that she can no longer live with her depression and the pain it brings her. Jessie is divorced and is the single mother of a child who is on the wrong side of the law. With the weight of these issues bearing down on her, Jessie feels isolated and no longer has the strength to live.

In preparation of her planned death, Jessie sets about organising her mother's life from making lists to filling candy jars and taking out the trash. As she goes about her chores, Jessie and Thelma share memories over hot cocoa and marshmallows. It's here we are able to delve further into the mother-daughter relationship and witness the close bond they share despite their difficulties and differences. There are beautiful moments that drive the narrative forward and the audience deeper into Jessie's psyche. The dynamic between Bush and Kelly felt natural and the duo easily evoked emotions with their honest acting. As the night wears on Thelma does all she can to stop her daughter.

Night, Mother is a thought-provoking play that will pull you down with it. I know that sounds morbid but it takes a clever writer who can strike a chord so deep. There were many tears in the audience and I'm certain many walked away pondering about the play and will continue for days. Another spectacular production by The Basin Theatre.

**For those experiencing depression or need someone to talk to, reach out to:

Lifeline 13 11 14
Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636**

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