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New Year's Resolutions Ideas

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by Svetlana Tishchenko (subscribe)
I live in Melbourne. I love my town, every facet of it. I love to travel and share what I find with my readers. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great day * Don't forget to like my articles *
Published December 26th 2017
We have all been guilty at some point in our lives of 'starting on a Monday', haven't we? It is a new diet or a hobby, a gym routine or a novel, anything we have promised ourselves to do, we have always promised to start on a Monday. Next year (which is less than a week away), the calendar we have been using for hundreds of years has played a cruel joke on us – 2018 starts on a Monday.

Thus, we can no longer get away with 'I will start on a Monday'. Here is the most important Monday of the year and it will not us get away with empty promises.

If you ask Mr or Mrs Google about 'new year resolutions' it will give you about 34,500,000 responses. They are all good. They are amazing, really. However, these resolutions are only as good as our characters and perseverance. That is why if you add 'break' to your search, you will get just as many responses. There are all sorts of suggestions and explanations as to why it is so easy to break new year resolutions and so forth.

How about a fool-proof way of making and keeping new year resolutions? Is it as impossible as finding perpetuum mobile? I would like to give it a try and figure out a 'what' and a 'how'.


If you are still online, you can ask Google for suggestions. It will give you millions and millions of ideas and plans. For instance, Google can even give you:

a new year resolutions
List of Top New Year Resolutions


Stay fit and healthy
Lose weight
Enjoy life to the fullest
Spend less, save more
Spend more time with family and friends

Let's be honest, none of these resolutions are made to be kept. We are only humans, right? So, how about a list of resolutions that are pleasant to keep and that would not require too much effort.


Expect Good Things
Relax More – Hakuna Matata principle
Have A Cup of Dream Daily
Say 'Good Morning World' Daily
Spend Time With Yourself

Expect Good Things

new year resolutions
Expect Good Things. Courtesy of Positive and inspirational quotes
What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see 'private number' on the screen of your phone? What do you do when somebody knocks on your door? What do you feel when your boss comes up to you and says 'can I see you for a minute' or when your partner sits on the opposite side of the table and says 'we need to talk?

I am guessing you are experiencing an adrenalin rush at any of these moments. And it is all 'bad' adrenalin. It is bad for your brain, for your heard and for your nervous system. Some of us can switch on and off easily but some of us take forever to recover. It is all bad, very bad.

Why do we expect bad things all the time? What has programmed us for it? Is it life experience or past mistakes? Or unconscious fears and guilty consciousness? It can be any or all of the above or nothing of sorts. It is just is.

So how about turning it all upside down and start expecting good things from life (did you notice how I said 'from life' and not 'from people'). People and the expectations of them is a completely different story. We will give it a miss here. We are talking globally. We are talking life.

How about 'presumption of innocence' when it comes to you and your life and events in it. Start expecting good things, positive, joyful, fulfilling. Or better still, just let it all happen and be surprised. Do not overthink any situation or event, let it unfold and only then feel, think, rationalise.

When your boss comes up to you next time and says 'can I see you for a minute' take your diary, pen and a glass of water with you. It is just a catch-up meeting or maybe an offer of extra duties and responsibilities. It can be anything. Let it be.

Hakuna Matata

a new year resolution
Hakuna Matata. Courtesy of Disney
Do you remember Timon and Pumba of Lion King fame? If you do not, please find time to watch Disney's movie at least 10 times until you memorise the words to the song Hakuna Matata – 'it means no worries for the rest of your life…'

It does mean 'no worries'. The words such as 'don't worry, be happy', 'relax', 'enjoy', 'go with the flow' are not all from the psychedelic age of hippies and reggae music. Some of those concepts are as real as can be and as useful in our crazy 'point and click' world.

We all need to relax more and worry less. You can sit at your office desk and close your eyes just for a moment. Or you can walk outside and raise your head and look at the clouds. Also, you can turn off your mobile or leave it at home and look out the window on your train ride to work. You can do millions and millions of things that relax you. Only you would know what they can be. So do them. Do them every day, once or ten times per day. Do them and watch 'clouds roll'.

A Cup of Dream

a new year resolution
A Cup of Dream. Courtesy of Cafe Essentials Blog
I saw an image somewhere 'every woman has to have time for a cup of dream'. It sounds sexist, right? Every person has to find time for a cup of dream in their day. I am a firm believer of this.

A very wise woman told me once 'never stop dreaming' and 'never give up your dreams and take on those of your partner'. So, I share this advice with all of you. You are welcome.

Daydreaming, impossible dreaming, super-power dreaming, steamy love scene dreaming ... chose whatever takes your fancy. Feel free to create your own world or even universe and dream it up big time. Find yourself a dream and dream it. Dream real and make a plan out of it. Dream cloud-high and grow and expand your dreams to the 'game of thrones saga' proportions. Nobody can stop you. But please make sure you do dream and do it regularly, like three times per day after meal.

Good Morning World

a new year resolution
Good Morning World. Image is courtesy of Pexels
Every day when you walk out of your house look around, smile and say out loud 'Good morning world'. Who cares who can hear you at that moment? You definitely do not.

I tell you this for sure, once you utter this greeting to the world, you will feel different right away. It does not matter if it is a sunny or rainy day, if you are going to work or to the beach. Just keep at it. Greet the world and enjoy your day.

One little good thing per day is a nice patch to your karma, don't you think?

Time For You

a new year resolution
Take Time for Yourself. Image is courtesy of Yimwriteous Blog
I saved the hardest for last. We are all having huge problems finding time for ourselves in our busy schedules. We are parents and children, workers and bosses, partners and friends. We wear so many hats throughout any given day that we actually forget who we are.

A counsellor asked me once 'who are you' and I started telling him all about roles I am playing in my life and all the responsibilities I carry. He kept asking. I got confused. He kept at it. I got silent. I have no idea who I am, do you?

Anyhow, start from the easy end. Do not overwhelm yourself with philosophical questions and ponderings. Try finding five minutes to have a beer in the backyard or watch a favourite soap in the privacy of your study. Take time to paint your nails or walk your dog around the oval not once, but two or three times. Find little things during your day just for yourself. As we all know 'from little things, big things grow'.

Minutes, moments, snippets all add up to better mood, better self-esteem and better relationships with outside world.

What else can I add? Well, if you are like me, feel free to add some good coffee, dark chocolate and an interesting book to your daily ration.

Forget about big things and universal goals. Start small, start selfish (good selfish) and make yourself happy. The rest will follow.
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