New Release Albums From The First Quarter of 2024

New Release Albums From The First Quarter of 2024


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We are three months into 2024, so it is time to look at some of the new release albums I enjoyed from the start of the year. Some statistics to start – I have purchased nine albums and was given four more. Because of ease of access to some albums, some I have been forced to buy digitally. The albums here are, for the most part (with one noticeable exception) in the rock sphere. The pop albums I bought were not that good, I’m afraid.

I was going to do a single album review for the new Green Day album, an album I was looking forward to, but… well, you’ll see.

So, anyway, here are the albums I enjoyed from the start of 2024, in order of artist.

Rockmaker by The Dandy Warhols

Rock psychedelia for the twenty-first century. I am struggling to categorise this album, which is another great addition to The Dandy Warhols’ canon. At 41 minutes and 11 tracks, it does not outstay its welcome, and, in fact, I wanted more. With guitars at the fore, this still rocks, possibly harder than they have for quite a while, and demands your attention. Vocal filtering adds to the other-worldliness of it, and I’m sounding pretentious when this is the sort of album you simply need to listen to. There is a low-fi quality about it which only adds to the atmosphere. I think a lot of these songs would sound wild live. Maybe not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.
Favourite track: ‘The Summer Of Hate

The Mandrake Project by Bruce Dickinson

Dickinson is most known as the operatic-voiced lead singer of Iron Maiden, one of my favourite NWOBHM bands, and a band I saw live on their Powerslave tour. This is his first solo album in almost 20 years, and there is more than a little bit of the Iron Maiden about it, but not completely. For example, ‘Resurrection Men’ has some country flavour in it! The album is a concept album, meditating on life and death through being the soundtrack for a series of comics (which are not available in Australia). I was not sure what to expect when going into this, and so was pleasantly surprised. Dickinson still has a voice to die for, and he has surrounded himself with top-notch musicians. At an hour long, it does not feel like it. The music is just encompassing, drawing you in. I think I’ll have to go back and find the rest of his solo output.
Favourite track: ‘Eternity Has Failed

Not my favourite track on the album, but still really good and this video is amazing!

Promise Of The Day by DiElle

The latest album from DiElle, one of my current favourite groups/performers, is an interesting one. There are some live tracks, some previously released tracks, some re-recordings of older tracks and some new tracks. A mixed bag, to be sure, but it holds together remarkably well. This is a collection of folk and acoustic tracks – different from the rest of the music here, I know! – and it is one of those albums to put on and chill out to. Only one track didn’t really “do it” for me, but that leaves twelve tracks that did, and that is an incredible strike rate. And the track is not a bad one, to be honest. The vocals are where this album comes to the fore. Not perfect, but that’s why I like it – this is real and honest and one day I hope they come to my neck of the woods in Australia so I can enjoy their live.
Favourite track: ‘Beautiful Monday (this is a re-recording of an older song, and I like the newer version better, but there is no video for it, so the video is a different song)

Not the live version on the album, but very close

Warp Speed Warriors by Dragonforce

Okay, from the start, this is Dragonforce. If you know anything about them, you know what you are going to get, and they do not disappoint. Fast singing, double kick drumming and guitar playing that is as complex and intricate as any out there. And each song is a fantasy epic (or video games, let’s be honest) set to driving music. Their lyrics are so much fun, really. But the thing about this, their fourteenth album (I now own them all!) is that they sound as fresh as they did at the start of their career. This is power metal and it is done well. Is it better than their previous albums? On a par, really. But that means it is awesome. And, like so many of their past releases, there is not a bad song on this collection, and, no, they do not all sound the same. Not one bad track. Is it for everyone? No, but this is just a brilliant album and for those into this genre, get this one. You will not be disappointed. Oh, and did I mention they cover a Taylor Swift song? No? Well, they do, and it is amazing!
Favourite track: ‘Power of The Triforce’ (this was so hard to choose!)

Saviors by Green Day

First, the negatives. After the songs released in 2023, I was really looking forward to this album. Maybe I was building it up – especially after Blink-182’s latest – but it didn’t quite meet those expectations. It is only 45 minutes long with 15 tracks, but some of the songs felt too same-y. Now, having said, this is still a really good album. It pumps along at a rate of knots and there is not a dud track, not really, on the whole collection. It is not as good as American Idiot but it is certainly their best since then. And, no, I really don’t mind some of the puerile humour in the songs. 50 going on 15, I know… Look, this is not just an album for fans of the band, but for people who like the punk-pop genre in general.
Favourite track: ‘1981

Invincible Shield by Judas Priest

Okay, answer me this – how on earth can Judas Priest, a band that released its first album in 1974, 50 years ago, still be one of the best heavy metal bands out there? And how can Rob Halford, in his 70s, still have a voice that sounds so awesome? Judas priest’s latest album is pure Priest, as good as some of their best in years (decades) past, and for those, like me, who love this style of music, they continue to deliver the goods. I found it a touch long, and some of the songs had a similar sound to one another; two of the tracks didn’t hit it for me. But… this album is so good! It opens with my favourite track on the album, but that does not mean the rest is a let-down after that. Like the album from The Rolling Stones last year, sometimes the best music comes from the oldest artists.
Favourite track: ‘Panic Attack

So, to start 2024, six new albums that I really enjoyed. A number I bought or was given did not make the cut here, and as this is me being positive, I won’t be talking about those albums. Still, with these half a dozen, especially if you like rock, you can’t go wrong. Yes, I know my dominant musical tastes are on my sleeve here, and I apologise.

Favourite album of these: Warp Speed Warriors by Dragonforce.

Favourite track: ‘Eternity Has Failed’ by Bruce Dickinson

I really hope 2024 continues in this great manner.

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