Naz One Perfumes at Central Market

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Posted 2015-10-15 by Rotafollow
I enjoy being in the tropics as much as the next person, but you soon find out that some products are more effective in cool climates than in 30 degreees celcius heat. As such, I quickly realized that my alcohol-based perfumes - despite being of a decent quality - simply weren't going to cut it in Asia. This led me to remember the oil perfumes that friends of mine used to use - and swear by - in hot climates.

With this in mind I kept my eyes open, and while in Kuala Lumpur found a wonderful little stall in Central Market - one selling a large array of oil-based perfumes.

The fragrances sold by Naz One Perfumes at their little kiosk in Central Market are based on popular scents by well-known perfume-makers. Normally, I wouldn't go for this sort of thing. There's nothing worse that a cheap knock-off perfume - at least that's my experience.

However, at Naz One perfumes, it simply isn't the case. It could be, in part, because they are imported directly from France and are of a quality suggestive of their origin.

At the kiosk on the ground floor there are fragrances for men and women, as well as more adaptable unisex fragrances. They also stock a small selection of Arabic perfumes, a little more expensive than the others on offer.

They offer copies of major brands like Paco Rabanne, Polo, Ralph Lauren and even a few Body Shop Scents.

The stallholder at Central Market is particularly helpful, and allowed me to linger and sniff bottle after bottle till I was nearly light-headed through indecision. Eventually I decided upon four fragrances, one of which was Arabic.

I really felt that their best fragrances had floral notes and I purchased three of them in varying degrees of flowery sweetness. The fourth was a heavy oriental fragrance - something a little different. But be assured that they have all sorts of scents - not just the stronger varieties commonly found among Asian perfumes.

Since their purchase I have used all of them and have been pleased with their staying power. I also found them to be considerably better than many perfumes I have used, and unlike many alcohol-based perfumes that mimic big brands, I found these of a very good quality.

The perfumes are sold by volume in little vials. 3 ml will cost you 10 Malaysian ringgits for the standard fragrances, and begin at 12 Malaysian ringgits for the Arabic ones.

Each portion of perfume purchased is prettily packed in individual glass roller-ball perfume bottles, and then in labeled packaging, making the perfumes suitable as gifts.

They also sell special decorative scent bottles as well.

It's also handy to note that the Central Market kiosk is not the only outlet. There are a number of Naz One Perfumes stores around Kuala Lumpur, including one at the popular tourist attraction - the Batu Caves.

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