National Basketball League 201112 Season

National Basketball League 201112 Season


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National Basketball League 2011/12 Season

Increasing jersey sales and NBA viewership up almost a third from the previous year in Australia, it is clear that basketball in Australia is on the rise. With that, November has rolled along and the start of the NBA season should be upon us in all its athletic glory, but Australian sport fans everywhere are left stranded by a process called the NBA lockout. So, where can we get our basketball fix while players and owners fight over 2.5% revenue difference, well right here in Australia with our very own National Basketball League.

The NBL (Australasia) competition has been going strong since it was founded in 1979. While there have been many different teams from all over Australia in the past, currently residing in the competition are nine teams, Adelaide 36ers, Cairns Taipans, Gold Coast Blaze, Melbourne Tigers, current Champions New Zealand Breakers, most crowned champions Perth Wildcats, Sydney Kings, Townsville Crocodiles, and the only inaugural team from 1979, the Wollongong Hawks. So with clubs from all around Australia, and one from New Zealand, we have nine clubs ready to tear each other apart to receive the right to be called NBL Champions.

Fierce rivalries such as the Cairns Taipans vs. Townsville Crocodiles, otherwise known as the 'Reptile Rumble', and the Sydney Kings vs. Wollongong Hawks, assure amazing match – ups and astounding athleticism which are sure to leave your hands sweating, heart racing and hats flying. Australians are known for their pride, and when it comes down to the local derbies, you know neither side will let a win come easy.

The Melbourne Tigers took advantage of the NBA lockout to sign Portland Trail Blazer's, and Australia's own Patty Mills. He has already shown his immense talent in the world's greatest basketball league, so to see him set alight the NBL why wouldn't you find out when the Melbourne Tigers are next versing the team nearest you? While the Sydney Kings may have just missed out on signing possibly the best basketball player Australia has ever produced, Andrew Bogut, there are positives to come out of it. When Bogut was recently asked if he thought there was a player in the NBL that could make it into the NBA he stated, "Khazzouh has a chance…" Khazzouh is the current Centre, and Captain of the Sydney Kings, and if Bogut says he can make it, who can disagree?

Here are the top plays of the NBL Season Round 4 play;

So with so many reasons to watch the NBL and support Australian Basketball, why would you not get up from your chair (after liking this article of course) get your mates together and get to a game? Who knows, you may even get to see one of the next NBA All-stars?

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