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Nathan Bakes


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We can all agree that life is too short for bad cake, but some may say that a good cake can't be vegan and gluten-free. in Adelaide proves the nay-sayers wrong convincingly.

started from a passion for really good cake and making really good cake for everyone. Those with dietary requirements and allergies often get overlooked by bakers and cake makers. So, provides good cake for everyone as well as those who are anaphylactic, coeliac, intolerant and vegan.

In the central business district of Adelaide, is a gourmet bakery that sells an elaborate array of cakes, cupcakes, slices and biscuits for anyone who needs a sweet treat and beverage. is a 100% vegan and gluten-free bakery that only sells the good sweet stuff. is run by Nathan, a qualified pastry chef who has tailored a wide range of cake and dessert recipes that are full-flavoured and flamboyant. Just to give you a taste, you can experience flavours such as strawberry balsamic, salted caramel chocolate mud, and lemonade lavender. Custom orders can also be placed for bespoke cakes for special occasions, while Nathan's gorgeous cupcakes can be ordered in bulk.

Locals are lucky to experience for their special occasion, though visitors can indulge in the decadence with a visit for coffee and cake. Upon arrival, you can be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of flavours and cakes in the cabinets. Staff members knowledgeable, but they're also very patient; you may need some thinking time so you can decide what to order.

Nathan's chocolate tarts are a beautiful match with his jam tarts, topped with fresh berries and plant-based cream and edible flowers. Or, there's a lemon 'curd' tart that's rich, tangy and tasty. For something more classic, the Very Vanilla cupcakes are a beautiful and colourful alternative. These cupcakes are topped by a rainbow of sweet icing and shiny sprinkles. As you bite into the cake, you can't help but enjoy the soft and moist cake within. To enjoy Nathan's treats, it's best to order a side drink and grab a stool in the sunshine at the entrance. Choose from the nectar of life – cappuccino, latte, espresso or tea to name a few. Or, you can try an in-house fancy like chai or hot chocolate. If you want something cooler, cool off with an iced coffee, mocha or chai.

Nathan and his team are well-versed in allergies, anaphylaxis and Coeliac Disease, as well as vegan cooking. This means that everyone can dine here, and order from here. ' Facebook page puts call-outs regularly about when to order and pick up or have delivered. In Nathan's words, if it's not good enough to be eaten by someone without restrictions then why is it good enough for anyone else?

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