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Naked Treaties are famous for their raw vegan desserts available from health food stores along the east coast, but their Raw Bar located in the heart of Byron Bay is where all the magic happens.

a) Clientele: The Raw Bar's garden front is decorated with flyers about anything from yoga retreats to meditation workshops, which is an accurate indication of their philosophy and clientele. The customers here have become part of a community living in harmony with the earth and each other, interacting in the communal garden and sitting spaces.

b) Employees: The transparent open working space behind the counter allows us to see our smoothies being made. Watching young coconuts be opened and used adds to the authenticity of the experience here as do the smiles from the staff.


a) Banana crepes: If you have never had raw crepes before, take the opportunity here to do so. It is hard to find something like this on a menu anywhere, even at other raw restaurants.

b) Granola: Made with dehydrated granola pieces, banana, blueberries and coconut milk.

Lunch (this is a rotating menu full of surprises)

a) Mezze plate: A selection of vegetable sticks, olives, onion bread and hummus makes for an easy meal to share.

b) Open avocado sandwich: Very substantial and satisfying, it's great to see a raw meal that defies the popular "raw food is rabbit food" opinion.

c) Onion bread wraps: A diverse range of tastes and textures have been packed into these wraps. Just be careful of the beetroot as it will stain.


a) Tiramisu: If anyone I know hasn't had a raw dessert before, this is the one I show them. It's just like the real thing.

b) Cheesecake: Variable flavours, all worthy of a try.

Smoothies (named by affirmations so say them loudly and proudly)

There are so many choices here. Two examples are:

a) "I Am Compassionate": Typical green smoothie with a zesty, cinnamon twist.

b) "I Am Amazeballs": Another green smoothie loaded with a range of super foods.

One of the reasons this place is so successful is that they have a cause greater than themselves. They have created a space where we can learn from and share with others. In their own little way they are changing the world by providing an environment that nurtures a sense of community and paves the way for a healthy and compassionate future.

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