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Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa


Posted 2015-10-13 by Camillefollow
The night before we flew out from Manila to Brisbane, I wanted to treat my hubby and I to a bit of pampering. After walking kilometres (and no, I'm not exaggerating) around the grandiose Mall of Asia, it seemed our feet were in dying need of a bit of relief. Queue the glowing lights of Nail-a-holics and we were pretty much sold. To be honest, after going there I realised the customer service of Nail-a-holics had room for improvement (the nail technicians a little bit rude – talking loud and what not) I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting my feet "paraffin-ed"

A paraffin pedicure is a spa treatment during which paraffin wax is applied to the feet in order to moisturize the skin on the feet. Our pedicurists started off by giving our feet some good old foot scrubs and the standard pedicure cleaning before hobbling over with what looked like a small machine bowl filled with hot, red-pinkish, viscous liquid. Then dipped each of feet a few times and painting on the liquid to the lower part of our legs before wrapping them in plastic cling wrap. At first it feels so hot, almost burning, but the sting passes quickly and you are left with a warm mask, almost sock-like feeling of your feet covered in wax. After being covered in cling wrap, the pedicurists then put on little warm cotton booties to keep our feet warm for the duration of the treatment.

After about 15 minutes, they then removed the plastic and booties, and began to roll back the now more solid wax off our legs and feet. It's like they're removing a thick layer of skin on you (although they aren't and it doesn't feel like it, but it certainly looks like it). The whole treatment took at least 20 minutes and the end result are much softer, smoother skin especially around the heels.

According to their store messages, Paraffin is not only good to revive dry skin, but also for pain relief. After being applied to the body, the wax encases the treated area, trapping heat and relaxing the surrounding tissues. This makes it particularly helpful for treating stiff joints and alleviating pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis and sore muscles.

We didn't try it for pain relief use, although it was very comforting feeling the warm of the paraffin while waiting for it to congeal.

Getting a paraffin treatment for your hands and/or feet seems like a great idea for during winter – helping those with dry skin, cracked hands or heels. I would definitely try it again, even days after my feet still felt soft and smooth.

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