Choosing the Right Diet - The 52 Diet Plan

Choosing the Right Diet - The 52 Diet Plan


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Choosing the Right Diet - The 5/2 Diet Plan

Many of us have tried at least one diet in our lives. There have been many diet "fads" and the 5/2 is one that I can personally vouch for.

Most diets do not work because as soon as you stop a rigid diet, the majority of people put the weight back on, and even more. There are of course exceptions where a person is very strong willed, and totally changes their way of life.

I have found the most successful one to be the 5/2 diet which is a relatively new one, having been around now for a few years. On this diet, you can eat what you want for 5 days and the other two days you calorie count and have a small amount of calories.

Sound easy? It [b]IS[/b], once you get used to it. Admittedly you have to plan your life round it, as you cannot make social arrangements on your diet days.

I have learnt recipes, and foods to make that are very low in calories and have even downloaded a free Australian calorie counter for my tablet. This ensures that you do not go over the set limit of calories which, for women is 500 per day, and for men is 600.

Sometimes known as the "Intermittent fasting diet", the good thing about this one is that on the other five days you can eat normally.

On average, people lose 5-6 kgs (11 to 13 lbs) over the course of the first 3 months, though to do this you MUST be strict and weigh your food.

Introduced on television by Dr Michael Mosley , he actually went on the diet to see how it affected his health. Within months, his blood pressure went down and there are other health benefits including possible lowering of cholesterol levels.

The other huge suspected health benefit is it can stop dementia by getting rid of the plaque in your brain which causes dementia. The theory behind this is that the brain thinks it is starving on these fast days, and so expels this plaque.

There are now even 5/2 special diet books , and these can be very helpful in the beginning when it is difficult to come up with meals with about a quarter of what we "should" normally be eating.

There are many available now and here are a few:

  • Diet meal plans

  • Kate Harrison book

  • There are also several 5/2 diet books available to buy at diet&productType=917504 Booktopia, Australia

  • Check this out for a recipe:

    A very interesting Australian clip made by Ross Coulthart (from 60 Minutes) 2 years ago relates his experiences when he travelled to England to see Dr Michael Mosley:

    If you want to improve certain aspects of your health, and at the same time lose weight, then this is the diet to give a go. You generally have to stay on it and you could find the benefits extremely worthwhile.

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