Mystery Island

Mystery Island


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The gentle waves crash upon the shore with little might and the palm trees sway side to side as the slight breeze offers comfort from the strength of the heated sun. Whilst crystal clear waters tempt you and the pure isolation provides serenity, you then realise that you have found paradise!

Located on the southernmost point of Vanuatu, this secret gem is certainly the jewel of the South Pacific.

It is completely uninhabited and formerly was used as an Allied forces landing strip during WWII. Today this piece of heaven is filled with palm trees, sweet seclusion, white sands and crystal clear tranquil waters.

is only reachable by cruise ships or tours from Port Vila or surrounding islands. The locals live across the waters on Tanna and visit during the day when cruise ships are in port. The warmth and friendliness of the people offers more tranquillity to the mysteriousness of this island.

Getting stuck on a deserted island cannot be more fun, as there are plenty of things to do, see and experience on this piece of paradise.

Stop and admire the peace and tranquillity on this majestic island. Enjoy the clear and placid turquoise waters, ideal for swimming and snorkelling. The snorkelling is one of the best in the South Pacific, as you discover the mysterious that lay beneath with the many marine life and surrounding coral reef.

There are no official shops on the island, but the locals come to the island to sell their handicrafts goods. So be sure to check out the creations and why not take back home an authentic memento!

The Beach Village Markets are the perfect stop to wander through and meet the friendly happy locals selling sarongs, postcards, island trinkets and much more. There's a large open air braiding hut and various food and drink stands. Be sure to try the freshly caught lobster and banana pie!

Take a local tour to swim with turtles and sharks, enjoy a massage under the palm trees or by the sea for $10, take a boat ride around the island which is around 20 minutes or just simply take a walk around the island (takes around 45 minutes) which is the perfect way to explore the seclusion and beauty of the island.

There is an array of activities to enjoy here as well as doing absolutely nothing but admiring the beauty and relaxing.

is a gem like no other, and being uninhabited makes it more intriguing. The beautiful surroundings, the friendly locals and the mysteriousness of the water, as well as the mysteries of what really happened here during the war, are some of the reasons why I keep coming back to this haven.

An interesting fact about Mystery Island; In 1974 while Queen Elizabeth was sailing from Port Vila to Australia as part of a Pacific Tour, she made an unscheduled stop at for a royal picnic in paradise. Many of the community elders fondly remember meeting the Queen!

Upon arrival to Mystery Island, it is not hard to see why Queen Elizabeth did this unscheduled stop in paradise. The beauty is beyond description and with a stamp of royal approval, it is the ultimate attraction on the bucket list.

If you want to escape it all, be in pure paradise and explore the wonders of islands, then this is a must visit attraction!

The local currency is Vatu (VUV), however, the Australian dollar is accepted. Bring cash only as there are no card services.

The locals speak English, so no worries there!

We went on Princess Cruises . Most cruise lines do stop at Mystery Island.

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