My Two Super Mums - Book Review

My Two Super Mums - Book Review


Posted 2017-04-30 by Gwen O'Toole-Luscombefollow
Celebrating families in all shapes, author Bronny Lane has partnered up with illustrator Fleure Vaslet to launch a new children's book, 'My Two Super Mums'.

The book celebrates diversity within families and is a welcome addition to the GLBTI literature for children. My Two Super Mums communicates the message that all children need for a healthy family environment is to feel loved, safe and secure.

"My Two Super Mums is about two mums and their twin daughters sharing their everyday life together," says author Bronny Lane. "There's everything from trips to the farm and snow and visits from their father. The story reflects the message it doesn't matter the makeup of your family as long as there is love, safety and security."

Lane says the inspiration for the books came from her own experiences during her pregnancy with her own daughter. "I went through my pregnancy alone after a sudden separation from my daughter's father. After giving birth, I started looking for books that reflected a situation like mine: a mother and her child living in a loving single parent happy home. I couldn't find any that were suitable or reflective of our life. I figured, I'm a writer I can write my own and so My Super Single Mum was born," she says.

Lane says the next book in productions is My Super Soul Dad.
"This is a book about a stepfather's relationship with his stepchild. I wrote all the stories in the current series at the same time and have been gradually releasing them. When I wrote My Super Soul Dad 8 years ago, I wasn't a fan of the whole defining parents based on biology. I preferred the idea of it not mattering who your parents were (ie: adoptive, fostered, blended), whether they were biological or not, and so decided on the concept of a parent for the 'soul', one not of blood but of destiny. " she says."I'm quite spiritual and so themes of the Universe, abundance and mindful living resonate in all of the stories. The book after Soul Dad will be about blended families or as I like to affectionately call them blamilies, called My Super Awesome Blamily which will also reflect our brady bunch blended family of 6."

My Two Super Mums is available from local Readings bookshops now.

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