My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe Anywhere Festival Brisbane

My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe Anywhere Festival Brisbane


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Wed 13 May 2015 - Sat 23 May 2015

My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe – Anywhere Festival Brisbane

My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe is being produced by Fractal Theatre Productions as part of the Anywhere Festival 2015 at The Hut, Jean Howie Drive, Morningside; enter off Bennetts Rd.

Performance dates and times are:
  • Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 May commencing at 7.30pm;
  • Wednesday 20 May at 8:30pm; and
  • Thursday 21 to Saturday 23 May at 7:30pm.

  • Ticket prices for all shows are:
  • Adults - $30
  • Concession Holders - $20
  • Students - $15

  • For information on your preferred show times, ticket prices and to book your seats for this fantastic show click here .

    Briefly, the play tells the story of one man's love for his Holden Monaro with the black speed stripe. Ron, who is married to the ever suffering Rose, speaks directly to the audience as he reminisces the loss of his one true love - his Monaro.

    Rose, has always known her place in her husband's affections since he declared, ''Love me, love my Holden. I laid that on the line with the missus before we were spliced'', has no hope of replacing the Monaro as Ron's primary love interest. Ron explains that, as their marriage falls apart, his attitudes, to all aspects of his world, started to change. Finally, the totality of his affections morphed into a strange romance between him and his Monaro. My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe really does explore that dark obsession Aussie men can have with their cars.

    You'll watch in amazement as Ron shifts between plot points with such comedic and dark finesse, and in such an un-PC way, you'll be wondering if you should be laughing or crying. Such is the story interwoven with the characters you will actually see the beloved Monaro created through a series of intricate mime, circus, dance, body and vocal percussion sequences to become a living breathing object of desire right before your eyes.

    The play is a dynamic 'total theatre' event drawing on elements of circus, mime, body percussion, film and urban street car poetry in a very black Australian comedy. The play's themes centre around the character Ron and his philosophies on life, women, materialism, politics and immigration and expose a quintessentially Australian suburban reality we prefer to overlook these days. Maybe you think Ron's views are relics of the past – but are they?

    The play stars, Sandro Colarelli in the crucial role of Ron and Zoe DePlevitz as Rose, Ron's shelia. Beth Incognito plays the enlightened neighbour and Vanja Matula the new immigrant neighbour and loathed Pommie boss.

    Brenna Lee-Cooney has adapted the novel of the same name by Henry Williams and directs the play through all its intricate concepts. Set design has been created by Nicole MacQueen and the visuals and sound experience by Michael Bouwmann.

    Original music is supplied by Finn Gilfedder-Cooney and the lighting is being executed by Noel Payne.

    My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe perfectly suits the vibrancy and spontaneity of the Anywhere Festival in which it is being produced. It will make you laugh and cry (probably from laughing too much) but most of all it will make you blush when you realise you know somebody just like Ron.

    This really is a play for today. Book your ticket here for the shows of your choice.

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