Must-See New York Attractions

Must-See New York Attractions


Posted 2011-06-03 by Jessica Mousseaufollow
If you thought the must-see's in New York City were limited to such things as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square or Central Park, just to name a few, you are in for a surprise. Many of the must-see's are actually stores or old buildings, or even well-known bars.

Take a look at some of the must-see's that you may not have thought of, or heard of for that matter. Then, go back home and tell your friends and neighbors what they must see when they visit New York City.

Dylan's Candy Bar (two New York City locations)

Whether you visit the store at 1011 3rd Avenue or the one at 52 Main Street on Long Island, you'll get the same delicious candy and chocolate that draws the crowds in. If you have ever heard of a certain type of candy, then it's almost certain that Dylan's Candy Bar will have it.

Adults will enjoy purchasing candy that they remember eating when they were children, while children can pick out their current favorite. Don't be surprised, though, if one of them takes a bite of your "old" candy and decides that's his new favorite type.

Strand Bookstore , 12th Street and Broadway

At the time Strand Bookstore was opened in 1927, it was one of 48 bookstores on Book Row. This area ran from Union Square to Astor Place, and was established in the 1890s. The Strand is the last remaining of the original bookstores that once occupied Book Row. Today, it's new location is 12th Street and Broadway, but its atmosphere remains the same as it did back when it first opened because it's still a family-run business.

Loeb Boathouse , East Side of Central Park, between 74th and 75th Street

Central Park was and still is known for its attraction to people who love to take rowboats out to the middle of the Lake. When it was discovered that rowing would indeed remain a popular pastime in Central Park, way back in the 1870s, the Loeb Boathouse was built.

The original boathouse stood on the eastern shoreline of the Lake in Central Park for 80 years. However, it fell into disrepair and was torn down shortly after 1950. In 1954, however, the Loeb Boathouse opened at the northeastern tip of the Lake, where it continues to attract visitors and residents of New York City.

McSorley's Old Ale House , 15 East 7th Street

The motto of McSorley's Old Ale House is "We're older than you are", and that's probably true. After all, it was established in 1854, and is still the oldest continuously operated saloon. The swinging doors have granted entrance and exit to such notable persons as Abraham Lincoln to John Lennon. It wasn't until 1970, however, that women could come in and have a drink at McSorley's.

The floor is still strewn with sawdust, and the walls show signs of numerous patch jobs. That's all right, though, because it's this old-fashioned atmosphere that keeps people returning today and likely will for 150 more years.

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